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Tips of Upgrading Your Own Remote Controlled Car

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-20
When you buy a remote controlled car home, the car is at its original state. Though the original car is able to entertain its fans and has been tested by the manufacturers many times before it is sold, upgrading remote controlled car is a great fun, and still attracting real fans a lot. What's more, learning how to upgrade a remote controlled car is the best way to wrest every ounce of enjoyment from this hobby. CHANGE BATTERY The first thing you may do is replacing you rc car's battery pack. Most original battery installed on rc cars is NiCad battery which provides a low amount of power to your rc car, which limits acceleration and may even cause your losing power during a race. You can replace it by a LiPo battery. The first investment should definitely be a more powerful battery pack and an intelligent charger. It will give you more runtime and less charging time. CHANGE MOTOR RC cars allow users to install different motors that add power and speed to the car. By upgrading the wheels, the car can run at a high speed and more powerful. Not all motors will fit and work inside a car, so it is best to check with the manufacturer for applicable motors.By changing the motor you can improve the acceleration and/or the top speed of your remote controlled 1:5 scale rc cars. Before changing the motor you must have the high performance battery pack and make sure that the ESC of your car can handle the new motor. CHANGE WHEEL Another step to upgrade your car is changing the wheels. Harder wheels work better in soft earth, which softer wheels are best suited to hard on-road racing. You can change the wheels according to your own requirement. CHANGE BODY The last thing to upgrade the rc car is to change the body of your rovan rc car. Changing the body can hardly improve the performance of the car, but it is very interesting and proud for fans to change the car's look as they like. You can paint the body by a spray gun for this as it will help you to evenly coat the chassis and it will save you a lot of time. After the paint has had a day or so to dry, and then add a layer of gloss to give it a nice shine. After these steps, you can own a new car out and inside in your way.
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