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How to Tell If A USB Cable Charges Faster?


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Is your USB Cable really charging your device quickly? There was a time not too long ago when there used to be only one landline phone (or maybe two depending upon whether it is a house or an office) and all communications used to happen through the phone. Time changed and we started having pagers to send and receive important messages, but there was no issue of charging the pagers as they used to run in pencil batteries. All you had to do was replace the old batteries with the new ones and you could start using your pagers again. 

As they say “change is the only constant thing in life” and “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. As we progressed we understood that time is money and information is power. So with the due course, our necessities changed and we understood the need for being connected digitally all the time so that we could pass on important information fast. For example, the invention of fast charging USB cables can explain this. And that is how various electronic gadgets like smartphones, tabs, etc. came into existence. Now our life has become easier with the help of these gadgets and we are always connected with our family and friends and important people. And we are able to pass on the message to them within no time. But there is a flip side to owning these devices. These devices can work and are functional only if they are charged properly. If the charge goes down then they are of no use. And the battery life for these devices is not more than 8 to 12 hours (depending upon the device and their usage). The more applications a gadget has, the faster it gets drained out. 

When it comes to devices like smartphones and tablets it is very important to get them charged and get them charged quickly such as using a fast charging USB cable. Many times we would have heard people saying that their phones or tablets are not charging quickly enough and they think that it is the battery that is the reason for the issue. Yes, the batteries can also be a reason for the phones and tabs not charging fast enough and if the battery is changed then the issues might get resolved. Sometimes the reason for phones getting charged slowly can be the pin being broken or faulty. You just change the pin and your issue is resolved.

But many times it is seen that even after changing the battery and or changing the pin the issue is still not resolved. The phone still takes a lot of time to charge. Sometimes we have also seen issues like phone showing as 75% charged while putting in charge and when the charge is removed it gets drained within a few minutes. 

We have also seen instances where the phone gets reverse charged. That means when you put your phone in to charge, instead of getting charged your phone gets drained.

What are the reasons for all this? Can we only blame the phone’s battery or the pin for all this issue? Will changing the pin and or the battery resolve all the issues? The answer is no. You might find that in spite of changing those parts the issue is still there. Then try changing your USB cable. Yes, your USB cable might also be one of the reasons for your phone charging slower than it should or not charging or you facing any other problems with charging. So basically need to have a fast charging USB cable from best cable manufacturer.

Did you know that it is not the charger but the USB cable that determines the speed of your device being charged? That is why I had mentioned that in order to get your device charged faster you need to have a fast charging USB cable along with a turbocharger or a fast charging charger.

How to know whether your cable is a fast charging cable or it is normal or slow charging cable? It is virtually impossible to see a USB cable from outside and determine whether it is a fast USB cable or it is a slow charging cable. The charging speed depends upon the ability of the wires to carry at fast or slow speed and that the basic difference between a fast charging USB cable and a slow charging USB cable. 

To understand the concept of charging and the importance of cable in the whole charging process let us do virtual anatomy of a USB cable. Please note that this is just for your information. Please do not try cutting your USB cable to check your wires. You can use a cable that you are not using to do the experiment from your side. If you cut open a cable and do an anatomy of it then you will find that there are four lines basically in the cable. These are 1 red, 1 green, 1 black, and 1 white wire.

The white and green wires are for sending and receiving the data.

The red and the black wires are 5 v wires which carry the power for charging your device and these are the wires which actually determine the speed of charging your device.

So, in a nutshell, these two wires are the reason for being a fast charging USB cable or a cable that charges slowly. The amount of charge that can be carried by these two wires actually determines the speed in which the USB cable can charge your device. The standard gauge is 28 gauges and if it is around 24 gauges then it is it known to be taking more amount of power, resulting in the USB cable being a less fast charging USB cable. 

Yes, this is all physics and these technical terms can only confuse you so simply stated your device can charge faster if you have a USB cable which can charge it fast enough. So the next times you go to buy a charger for yourself don't just buy a fast charging charger. Also, ask for a fast charging USB cable along with it.

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