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Usb cable has usb data cable (4 wires) and usb charging cable(2 wires). usb 2.0 cable is standard data transfer and charging usb cable ,nearly all USB cables support USB 2.0 at present. The max speed of data transmit can reach up to 480Mbps ,USB 2.0 is often referred to as Hi-Speed USB. The USB 3.0 specification is similar to USB 2.0,The max speed of data transmit can reach up to 5G bps .it is called supper speed.Usb cable has 1A,2.1A,2.4A,3A,5A.over 2.1A cable belongs to fast charging usb cable .

Usb cable has different usb types, including usb A to mini B , usb A to micro B ,usb to usb C, usb to iphone 8pin , usb to iphone 30 pin, male A to female A,usb C to Usb c, usb c to micro B and so on. Micro usb cable, type c usb cable and iphone(lightning) usb cable are the most popular 3 types usb cable in the market . Beside with these single usb cord , there is also multi usb cable , one usb plug is with different usb connector, you could diy your usb cable . The multiple usb charging cables are really efficient, and they are ideal for a family with lots of electronics in the house .It is light weight, compact and portable. The design makes it convenient to carry around.

Micro usb cable:It is micro usb to usb A charging and data transfer usb cable for android device;

Type C(USB-C) usb cable: only Type C usb has usb 3.0 and 3.1. more and more mobile phones use type c connector because of reversible design; Iphone/Lightning usb cable: It is for all apple device,iphone/ipad/ipod charger cord cable;

Multiple usb cable:3 in 1 magnetic usb cable,2 in 1 lightning micro usb cable,retractable usb cable,keychain lightning cable .

With the development of usb cable , more and more material and design comes out . If you need to make your required cables ,Please let me know,We are the manufacturer of usb cable and all details can be customized .

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