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USB charger mainly includes wall charger, car charger and wireless charger. Wall charger is also called travel charger. It has EU, US, UK and AU standard plugs with different voltages in different countries. It is also supplied with different USB ports for different uses, like single USB port, dual USB ports, 3 USB ports and 4 USB ports. It is also available in different outputs, like 5V 1A / 2A / 3A / 4.8A. In order to meet different demands, there are QC2.0, QC3.0, and PD chargers. You could choose what you need. We use the best fireproof PC+ABS materials to ensure the product is safe under over voltage / over current /over short circuit /over load/over charge/ over temperature. The product is certified under CE, RoHS and FCC.


Wireless charger becomes the new trend among phones like iphone 8/X and Samsung. The charger uses an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field, which the receiver coil in the phone converts back into electricity to be fed into the battery. Wireless charging pad and holder are especially popular. Now that most devices have multiple standards. The wireless charging is likely to become a standard part of smartphones in the near future.

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