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Things to Consider While Selecting a USB Fast Charger

Things to Consider While Selecting a USB Fast Charger


USB chargers are available in various forms from multiport to single port chargers having different types of output current capacities at present. Nearly all the small electronic devices including mobile phones to iPods, batteries, iPods, tablets, gaming machines and so on require charging on a regular basis. In earlier times, mobile phones along with other similar types of equipment required its personal battery charger. For this reason, it was imperative for individuals to accumulate a large number of chargers that were incompatible with the gadgets apart from the particular gadget for which they were manufactured.

However, the situation has changed at present and everybody has standardized on making use of USB chargers habitually with the help of a USB connector for interfacing with the electronic gadget, item, phone or anything else.

In this article, we will take a look at how to choose a USB fast charger from a reputable USB charger supplier. But first we will see how exactly do these USB chargers function.

How do the USB chargers function?

Nowadays, USB chargers are quite small for the electricity which they will be able to supply. This implies that in spite of being compact in size and being able to fit within a small briefcase or bag without consuming a lot of space, they are able to charge up several items quite fast.

They actually come with a power supply mechanism within them which makes use of switch mode technology to the best effect. As compared to the linear power supplies that make use of a series pass mechanism for dissipating the unwanted power, this switch mode power supply technology makes use of an innovative on and off switching mechanism which is combined with inductors and capacitors for providing near lossless voltage conversion and regulation.

Since the USB chargers utilize switch mode power supply where there are low levels of losses (on most occasions 85% or even more), not much heat is dispelled which implies that it is possible to use much smaller components.

One more advantage of using a USB fast charger is that they’re often standardized. The voltage out will be always 5 V which implies that they can be used by a host of gadgets out there. All the charge completion as well as battery monitoring circuitry is held within this gadget under charge - it simply turns off the supply of power from the battery itself once it has finished.

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How to select the most effective USB charger at present?

There are several points to take into consideration while selecting the most effective USB charger for your personal requirements.

1. Number of ports

One prime consideration while purchasing a USB charger will be the number of ports which will be required. There are chargers having multiple reports ranging from 1 to even 8 in numbers. It will be worthwhile to consider how many items you’d like to charge during any particular time and then include some more for future-proofing. Having said that, the cost will be higher in case there are more number of ports within the USB fast charger.

2. Power output

We usually measure power output in terms of watts - in case the number of watts is more, it is imperative to supply more power. Presuming that the output is 5 V and watts = amps x volts, it will be easy to figure out the total amount of current. For example, a 40 watt charger can give as much as 40/5 amps = 8 amps; however, this will be across all the 4 ports. It will be a sensible idea to look carefully at the limitations for every port since you might like to have several ports which can support higher electricity levels. Take into consideration this particular aspect before purchasing any USB fast charger.

3. Brand name

Even though brand name isn’t everything, at times it might suggest you that you are purchasing the charger without any risk whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the majority of the fast USB chargers comes from a reliable USB charger supplier and will live up to your expectations.

4. Style / color /shape

In fact, the style, color, and shape of the charger can also be important. You might like to go for a small charger with less number of ports in case you’d like to slip it into your pocket while you are on the go. However, in case space is not a problem then you can go for a larger USB charger with more number of ports out there. For some individuals, the color and style can also be important in the long run.

5. Intelligence

A lot of USB chargers nowadays incorporate intelligent technology which allows them to recognize the attached item very easily and deliver the proper amount of power automatically. Other types of USB chargers might provide slow as well as fast-charging ports. It will be possible to connect your tablet, phone, or any other gadget to the proper output.

6. Wall chargers

A wall charger is a type of USB fast charger where the plug takes the role of the primary charger assembly plus there will be no cable from the USB charger to the line power socket. This way, a wall charger can be placed at the position of the mains socket on the wall. This might or might not be expedient for any specific situation.

7. Input voltage range

In case you like to take the USB charger along with you while you are on the go, it will be imperative to make certain that it is able to run over the complete voltage range of 100 V to 240 V. The majority of the fast USB chargers will be capable of achieving this; however, it will be prudent to check since some chargers on the market will be able to function at voltages down to approximately 180 V. Moreover, be aware of the fact that any USB fast charger which is able to function down to 100 V might have a minor reduction in the output current at this particular input level.


Let us hope that the above-mentioned facts will help you to purchase a reliable USB charger from a trustworthy USB charger supplier. However, feel free to go online and look at online reviews of any particular product to have some more idea before making a sensible buying decision.

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