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Smartphones with Wireless Charging Capability


Wireless charging is becoming a demand for most of the smartphones day by day which has the reason for the increase in the demand. If to charge the smartphone would be easy, then definitely there is no reason not to want a wireless smartphone. Apart from this current technology enabling you to have the smartphones always with charge, they have also tried their best to remove the struggle of having to deal with chargers with their USB cables which are messy and stubborn at some points. However, with this widespread smartphone wireless charging technology, some best smartphones already are a wireless charge from charger factory, and with time, we expect that we will overcome the issue of having to deal with chargers.

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How the Wireless Charging Works

Wireless charging is the ability to charge the smartphone with no cables or chargers being related. You only need to place the smartphone on the tabletop or special mat then the smartphone will be automatically be charged with no need of USB cables. Wireless charging is called cordless or inductive charging too, and they use an electromagnetic field for transferring energy from one object to the other using electromagnetic induction. It is the same as using the stove when you boil water. 

The technology of wireless charging always uses some similar principles and makes the induction coil that is in that charger pad be able to generate energy which is then fed towards the battery of the smartphone. Since smartphones with such features are still being improvised so that absolutely all the phones may be capable of being charged without cable, below, we have a list of the five best smartphones that are capable of being charged without chargers and cables. Such best smartphones include;

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1. Pixel 3/3XL

The latest pixel 3/3XL has been released, and it glows with wireless charging capability. They have been upgraded to original and successful Pixel 2 phone since it is the latest series of this type of smartphone that supports a Qi wireless charging. The new Pixel is featured with smartphone wireless charging ability, and hybrid glass design and not the metal one, meaning the design makes them fully compatible with the new wireless charging technology. When they are docked, you can have assistant on performing voice tasks or through shortcuts which may appear on your smartphone screen.

2. The iPhone 8/8Plus/X/XS/XR/X Max

The new iPhone is now with the smartphone wireless charging feature due to the installed Qi bandwagon. The decision of the iPhone to be made wireless when charging is being realty and will promote the widespread of new technology in regards to the charging system. This iPhone type here supports the charging system with wireless due to its Qi standard, and this means that it enables the users to be flexible in using whatever charging pad it is provided it has the new technology of charging the latest trending phones in the market.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9/Note

Apart from Samsung Galaxy S9Note being with the characteristic of being charged without cable, it is interesting that almost all new Samsung trending phones are capable of being charged without the need of having wires. Among the Samsung smartphones, the best trending smartphone with the smartphone wireless charging feature is Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 Plus, and Galaxy S9. All these phones are completely compatible with PMA or Qi wireless charging that supports the wireless charging feature on the smartphones, and this means that more smartphones are yet to come with this incredibly amazing feature.

4. Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ3

Sony Xperia is newly introduced from the smartphones industry and has the latest models with a wireless charging capability which means that it is compatible with the Qi charging. The target of having sony smartphones being featured with wireless charging is coming to reality, and it makes them among the best smartphones which are capable of being charged without chargers and a cable. 

5. LG G7 ThinQ/V30/V35

All the recent flagships of the LG are capable of supporting smartphone wireless charging, which among them are LG V35 and V30 that were lately launched in 2017. However, there was an LG G7 that is ThinQ and was on sale during the summer of 2018. The LG smartphones are expected to be launched soon, and they should be featuring the pioneer features in terms of display and look, with the great compatibility that should exist between them and the wireless charging technology that exists apart from the common Qi technology.

Several smartphones are on the way being released with the target of them being able to be charged with no chargers and soon enough; they will be trending everywhere.

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