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Charging Cables Care and Maintenance

Charging Cables Care and Maintenance


ShunXinda -Blogpost-charging Cables Care And Maintenance

All electronics’ charging cables are valuable hence precautions should be taken when handling them to enhance their longevity as well as skip the hassle of buying a new one after a few weeks. Most phone cables like chargers or earphones are sleek and stylish but do corrode or break when not used or stored correctly. Although some charging cables such as Apple USB cable comes with about one-year warranty, it's challenging, time-consuming and even annoying to find phone accessories store while traveling especially an Apple store. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they don’t break or corrode in the first place? Here are tips to correctly wrap charging cables and also extend their service. 

1. Proper cables wrapping

Most individuals simply shove their charging cables into bags or drawers, especially when in a hurry. Then the wires get caught by the things in the drawer or bag ending up damaged. How you handle your charger determines its durability. To prevent all this, always wrap your charger correctly and carefully before storing it. 

a) Roadie wraps method

- Untangle or undo the tangles and knots especially when the cable is accidentally wrapped. When developing the strands, drop your cable on a floor in a large pile. Mostly, you make the wrap up easier because wrapping a cord of tangled mess is almost impossible. Next, wrap your cable one way by holding its end in your hand, and then wrap it around your hand so that it returns to the same starting place in your hand. 

- Twist or turn the cable in the opposite direction as you bring it around again. However, instead of sliding the end out, just like in the first loop, turn it inward. Turn your hand over the cable end so that it oppositely fits in your hand.

- Alternatively, keep twisting the cable by wrapping it back and forth and in opposite ways, one at a time in between the wrappings to help keep it in place and also lie flat when you set it somewhere else. All the loops should be of the same size in order to maintain the wrapping shape and avoid sticking out of some bits. 

- Wrap a band or a strap around the center (to enhance the cords security) after wrapping up the entire cable. The wrapping should go through the middle of the cable loop with the two ends facing opposite sides of the bundle edges. 

Apple USB cable with power brick attached

- If your Apple USB charging cable has a power brick attachment that cannot be removed and disconnected from it, it makes things a little harder, but it can still be carefully wrapped. Roadie Wrap is still applicable: just start the process from the end with the power block and hold it in the hand as you grip some part of the cable. 

- From this point, start wrapping your cable using Roadie Wrap, just like any other USB cable. When done, tie it up (Velcro strap will work best) near the power block to keep everything together. Besides, you can use a longer strap to attach the power brick to the rolled-up cable to prevent it from flopping.

b) Bundle wrapping method

- Wrap the Apple USB cable around your fingers, and while holding it with one hand, grab it with the other hand and wrap it around itself using your four fingers as a wrapping guide. 

- Next, loop the entire cord around the bundle. And after looping around the base several times, pull it off as you try to keep it together just like how you do regularly. Wrap your cord around bundle center while maintaining the original loops firmly in place.

- Now insert the end in leaving the tail end. Tuck the end of your USB cable into one bundle end you first created. Consider tucking the tail in to hold the entire cord in place. Other wrapping methods like a bundle secured with a binder clip and bundle tapping with electric tape are also useful. 

2. Avoid bending sharply

Speaking of sharp bends, among the most common causes of Apple USB cable breakage is squashing and bending it by ordinary things like furniture, gravity or tension. The plug connector and the cable meeting point is the likely place to fray. Consequently, if you accidentally squeeze something against the cable, there is a high probability of damage over time.

The same happens when you tension the charger either by stretching it or letting your phone hang from it. A bit of care goes far. Ensuring that the charging cable has some slack and always lay as straight and flat as possible during use will significantly enhance its longevity.

3. Avoid using the phone while charging

Why do you think the Apple USB cable is often short? To serve it’s their purpose. You can cause some tension on the charger when you use the phone while charging: cable bending and flexing as you move the phone around damages the entire cable especially the connectors. Instead, first, pull out the cable if you want to use your phone while charging. It's easy and quick to do, and not only will your charger stay safe but also the battery life. 

4. Reinforce the cable ends 

Consider buying reinforced cables! If that is too costly for you, you can strengthen them yourself. DIY putting a spring of a pen, wrapping the wire with an electrical tape all around, using paracord strings to tie all round, or using cable protectors will substantially conserve your Apple USB cable. Most phone companies sell reinforced charging cables but adding extra reinforcement will be a great option.

Like several other things we experience in life, a bit of care up front will prevent more significant problems in the near future. Every time you use your charger, gently handle it. Don’t just pull it out of your phone or the socket. Remember that sun is an enemy of your USB cable: rubber or plastic wrapped around the wire can be melted by the sun! Always take care of your cable by wrapping it correctly, and you will not be that person searching for a new Apple USB cable around during your vacation. The blog posted from ShenZhen ShunXinda Technology Co., Ltd. If you want to know more information about the care and maintenance of charging cables, you can find in the website.

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