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The Practical Competition of iPhone HDMI Cable

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-23
HDMI Cable Applicability Index: 6.5 (full mark is 10) HDMI cable whose full name is' High Definition Multimedia Interface' can be seen as the future of a kind of life attitude. Just an iPhone HDMI cable can transmit video signal. At the same time it can do wireless digital/analog or analog/digital conversion in order to achieve higher audio and video quality. For friends who enjoy watching, HDMI cable can realize mobile phone and television connection which can output phone content in television. Mobile power Applicability index: 7.5 (full mark is 10) Mobile power is the most mainstream and eye-catching products. It seems can effectively solve the battery bottleneck problem, especially for friends who use the built-in battery. And mobile power supply is not just limited to mobile phone equipment; it also all can be used with other equipment. But mobile power supply is also a double-edged sword: it cannot replace the original charger; if use mobile power for a long time, voltage problem will cause the cell phone battery break conventional charging and discharging mode and influence its service life. This is really worthy of note. Through the above analysis, we can see that, in fact, the strongest practical iPhone accessories are the traditional iPhone battery and charger. It is really easy to understand, throw away all the junk food; cell phone original accessories are batteries and charger. If you want to travel with long distances, there are more than 10 kinds of iPhone accessories, but the reality is you can only choose two accessories. What kinds of iPhone accessories will you choose? Practical undoubtedly is the center of the choice, the answer being clear at a glance. The answer is also useful for wholesalers who are doing iPhone accessories wholesale business. In fact, the purpose of this article is not to judge other accessories. But we need to be thoughtful, the mentality and behavior of us are really care cell phone, or conversely, a kind of burden, and carrying coals to Newcastle? And in these accessories, before the hidden neglected thing is mobile phone real value purpose. When we take off all additional mobile phones 'equipment', perhaps it can bring us are more experience, more sincere feedback.
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