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testing the mogo talk bluetooth headset for the iphone 4

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-06
I\'m not a fan of Bluetooth headsets, so send me one in the mail like an invitation to lactose --
Don\'t tolerate food critics commenting on your new hot pot restaurant.
But last week, Natick designed MoGo Talk for the iPhone 4-based ID8-Cell phone. (ID8-
When I wrote the mobile device last time, it was called a Newton peripheral. )
The idea behind MoGo is that it is both a case for the phone and a slim Bluetooth headset on the back of the phone. It costs $99.
Benefits: The MoGo headset is easy to pair with my iPhone and I start using it within minutes of charging.
I love that everything has its own place and it\'s convenient to pop the headphones out of the back of the case.
Bad: like most (all? )
Even though the headset integrates the case of the phone, it still needs its own Micro USB charging cable.
So it\'s one thing to plug in a computer or wall socket and the phone itself. (
ID8 chief executive Stuart Nixdorff said future versions will adopt \"a very unique solution that charges both at the same time,\" but will not be available until next year.
Nixdorff also said that the upcoming BlackBerry version of the id8 MoGo will allow phones and headphones to share the same power supply. )
Half tried though.
A dozen rubber headphones come with MoGo and things don\'t stay in my ears.
There is no hook for it to hang on your ear;
You should plug it into your auditory pipeline and hope it is the best.
The result is a so-called hand.
The free headset became the one I held most of the time with two fingers.
When I talk to someone else on MoGo, the sound quality is a bit blurry, but just a little more blurry than the wired headset I usually use made by the scoche industry.
Good hearing.
Like other Bluetooth headsets I \'ve tried, there\'s a flashing blue light announcing to passers-by that you\'re wearing a Bluetooth headset.
If you can remember many Morse, there is only one button on the headset to do anythingcode-like commands.
It can answer the phone or reject the call.
It turns the headset on and off.
If you are robbed, or go out for pizza, it will call the police.
I went back to a small collection of my cheap wired headphones that fit my ears better;
No charge required;
Please also allow me to listen to music.
What do you take: Do you use a Bluetooth headset? . .
Wired headphones. . . or none at all?
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