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tesla to end unlimited free use of supercharging stations

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-27
Electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has decided to stop using its 734 fast charging stations for unlimited free worldwide, just months before it plans to start mass sales
Electric cars in the market.
Tesla Motors
Cars ordered after January.
2017 points of approximately 1,600 kilometres will be obtained each year for the supercharger station.
But after the credit line is used, the owner will have to pay for what Tesla did not elaborate on Monday.
Vehicles ordered or sold on or before January.
1 unlimited free charging is still available.
This move means that those who buy the quality of Tesla
The $35,000 Model 3, which will be available in the second half of next year, will not be able to get unlimited free charging.
Tesla has more than 300,000 bookings for these cars, and Tesla can become expensive if all of these owners start using supercharging stations for free.
Electric car drivers face delays at crowded charging stations. Stesla does not specify what the cost will be, but it says the cost of charging will be lower than the price of filling a similar gasoline vehicle.
The company said it will release details of the fees later this year, and prices may fluctuate over time and vary depending on regional power costs.
That said, the move should not hurt Tesla\'s sales because the company is still a market leader in electric vehicles and car owners do not use stations that are often used, Tasha Kini said, ark investment industry innovation fund analyst.
Tesla owners, who charge at home for more than time, mainly use superchargers when traveling or when extra miles are needed, she said.
\"Electric cars are the way forward.
Tesla\'s market share is 30, which is in a very good position.
\"We haven\'t seen that change,\" said Keni, whose fund owns a stake in Palo Alto, California --
Based in Tesla Motors
Buyers who order or sell new cars on or before January.
1 in order to get unlimited free fees, delivery must be made before April 1.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously said that Model 3 owners must pay for the use of charging stations.
Keeney said Tesla\'s radio stations use only 5% to 10 per cent a day, but many Tesla owners use them as a social gathering place to talk to other owners.
Tesla: first quarterly profit in more than three years
In the 2017 hailing business, the booster station can provide 274 kilometers of mileage to the car in half an hour. A 30-
Amp public charging station said on its website that only 16 kilometers of resin charging can be completed in half an hour.
In Canada, the company has charging stations in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and BC. In the U. S.
Charging stations are available across the country, but many are concentrated in population centers on the east and west coasts.
The station is set up to grow
Distance from Tesla electric vehicles.
According to the battery and software configuration, the company\'s S-car can charge 352 to 486 kilometers.
Tesla says the change will allow it to expand its charging network, but will not profit from charging stations.
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