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ten things to know about blackberry

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-14
After BlackBerry released a series of announcements this week, there was a lot of discussion around BlackBerry this week.
Here are the main points that the company has said and that others have said this week :-
BlackBerry is now doing sports research.
Giving up it has had its name for more than 25 years, sports research is named after its smartphone series.
This clearly shows that its future lies in the success of mobile phones.
Brand rebranding is a powerful way for Thorsten Heins
He has been the CEO of the company for a year-
Ramon Llamas, an analyst at IDC, said he wanted to make his mark on the company. -
There are two new phone models and a new operating system.
BlackBerry has released two new models, Q10 and Z10, both of which have received favorable news reports.
But the real star of the new series is BlackBerry 10, the new operating system designed by BlackBerry.
BB10 is equipped with features BlackBerry users have been eager for, such as better multimedia features, simple multitasking and deep social integration. -
A model has a physical keyboard.
The Q10 provides users with a complete QWERTY experience.
There are only 3 screens though. 1-
Inch, it could be a trade
Keyboard lovers are willing to make.
At Engadget, commenter Terrence O\'Brien points out that the Q10 feels heavier, but doesn\'t necessarily think it\'s a bad thing.
\"This phone feels like it\'s doing business --
For some plastic Android competitors, that\'s something we can\'t say, \"he wrote after spending some time with the phone at the company\'s press conference. -
No model.
All of the company-
Meanwhile, the touch phone Z10 is an unusable phone
Compromise device. It packs a 4. 2-
16 gb scalable storage space and 8mp rear Display
Front and 2 MP front-facing camera. It has a dual-core 1.
5 GHz S4 processor with micro USB and micro HDMI posts.
In terms of size, it is between the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy s iii, only 0. Thickness 35 inch
It\'s heavier than both. 4.
The price of Apple 3 is 85 ounces. 95 ounces. -
But Z10 typing is still easy to design.
Although it is a whole
The touch device, Z10 is still a typewriter. In a pre-
On November, BlackBerry executives released a briefing to The Washington Post showing the phone\'s innovative predictive typing system, which can be adjusted according to your typing situation and suggest words on the phone
Screen keyboard to speed up your typing.
The keyboard can also switch quickly between languages. -
And it has one. hyped camera.
The camera\'s time shift function allows the user to compile the best picture possible by identifying the face and saving the frames that happen instantly before and after the photo.
The user can then stitch the picture together
In the case of one person not smiling or another person blinking, it is good to improve the group shot. -
BB10 is designed for commercial use.
The BB10 system has no secret of targeting commercial consumers from its most-
BlackBerry Balance features are highly regarded.
Users can separate work from personal data
Applications, documents, electronicsmails —
The phone is divided into two parts.
This should avoid the embarrassment of users sending inadvertent emails
It also provides employers with a way to safely clear data on their employees\' mobile phones when needed.
The security of the system has been recognized by the United States. S.
Government of November-
Major airlines have joined.
AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-
Mobile companies have announced that they will carry one or two phones, but have yet to announce when they will go public.
Only Verizon announced the price of the new BlackBerry Z10 for $199. 99.
The white version of the Z10 will be the exclusive product of Verizon. Hang-
However, ups\'s negotiations with operators on pricing and service fees may slow the company\'s pace in the United States. S. launch.
Analysts expect a parade.
When it is believed that BlackBerry has faced two years of frustration in its efforts to launch bb10, the delay seems to be even more significant. -
It has a lot of applications
But maybe not enough.
BlackBerry also strives to build its own app store and will launch 70,000 apps.
This is far from the 700,000 version that Apple and Google boast about, but Heinz told the Post in November that the BlackBerry app will be more \"meaningful \".
\"The company is also working hard from big-
Naming developers like Rovio, Skype and Amazon on its platform also makes it easier for developers to convert applications developed for Android systems to BB10. -
Still, it may not be possible.
Even with BlackBerry\'s powerful devices, analysts warn, the company faces high barriers to entry.
Kevin Smith, an analyst at Macquarie Securities, said investors would not have a clear understanding of BlackBerry\'s opportunities until BlackBerry invested enough time in the market.
But he does say that for many of the company\'s global users, new phones may be too expensive, especially in markets such as Indonesia and Thailand, where the company is expanding its user base.
He expects BlackBerry to eventually launch mid-
The company\'s strategy may pay off in the long runif it survives.
\"We like this product,\" said Smithen . \"
\"We don\'t like this stock.
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