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record your mishaps

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-01
The two traveling recorders of Gagin are our good friends.
With the popularity of the number of video recorders --
Online, I think the utility of installing such a recorder in your car will become more attractive.
We have tested some other brands before, but this is the first Garmin Travel recorder we have come into contact.
The GDR35 is probably one of the more advanced products that is able to not only record the video quality of 1080 p, but also connect a second camera to see it from behind your car.
This means you can record the video while watching what\'s going on in the front and back of the car.
In fact, we also got the GBC30 travel recorder, which works with the GDR35.
First of all, let\'s deal with GDR35-
This unit works as a separate device with a 2 built in.
4 in monitor, allowing you to view what is being recorded at any given time.
Of course, in addition to the video, the camera is also integrated with the GPS chip, each video with location information encoding, this way you can use Garmin\'s bundle software to accurately track the location of the shoot at any given time.
Again, there is a gravity sensor that alerts the camera when a collision or emergency brake occurs to activate the record.
There is also a built-in battery that will last about an hour so that the camera can still keep recording even if your car is out of power during the crash.
Setting is a real no-brainer-
It comes with a suction cup mounting kit and a mini USB car charger.
Just plug the charger in and attach the bracket to the windshield.
The video is recorded on the microSD card and the GDR35 has an easy-to-access slot on one side that accepts such cards.
The installation is fairly neat in addition to the power cord, but if you want to install the GBC30 rear camera, it is recommended that you install it professionally because you need to connect the USB cable of the GDR35 to the GBC30 at the back.
With professional installers, you can hide the cables under the roof trim or something like that.
Also, when the GDR35 is connected using a suction cup holder, the GBC30 back camera uses special permanent double sided tape, which means you should leave it there.
The video recording on GDR35 itself is 1080 p, but if you choose to do video recording from both GDR35 and GBC30, the resolution limit for each camera is 720 p.
First of all, one thing to note during use is that the video recording quality on GDR35 is very good --
We tested it under various lighting conditions and it worked very well.
We uploaded the quality video you got when driving from a bright sunny condition to a dark underground parking lot.
Even if the lights were dim, we were impressed by the level of noise.
In fact, the image quality and clarity of both cameras are very good
Even when the two cameras work at the same time, I can clearly identify all the number plates at 720 p resolution in case of insufficient light.
Of course, when the GDR35 is shot in full HD, it\'s even better in itself (1080p).
While it is always good to use the GDR35 in 1080 strays, I feel that 720 p should be clear enough for insurance and accident records.
Navigation is done by only the four buttons at the bottom, which are mapped to context-related functions, depending on where in the menu or what is being done.
System settings allow you to adjust the sensitivity of many settings, including the gravity sensor.
You can also choose to record in any singlescreen (1080p)
, Or include a split screen of two front and rear cameras, each with a resolution of 1,280x720.
The file is automatically recorded and divided into segments of 4 minutes and 22 seconds (at maximum)
When the card is full, auto override starts with the first file.
If the file is an important file, you can actually manually protect the recorded file with a simple button.
The only weird thing I find GDR35 is that it has a female voice with a Hong Kong accent that will remind you at the beginning of the recording.
I find the accent a bit annoying, though since it doesn\'t speak to you as often as Nuvi does, I can at least put up with the audio.
Still, it would be great if I could choose to change the accent to a British or American voice.
In addition, Garmin provides very good support for its devices, including a software update website that fixes bugs.
At the end of the road, the important thing about the traveling recorder is the video quality under all the lighting conditions, GDR35 and GBC30 are there, one of the best.
Of course, while it\'s easy to set up the GDR35, if you want to use both at the same time, then you do need to make sure it\'s professionally installed.
Otherwise, you will encounter a bunch of cables that need to be extended from the front of the car to the rear.
You have to pay for quality though, but, no matter how much you pay for the GDR35, it\'s definitely worth it as long as it captures a video to prove you\'re right in the accident.
Advantages: high video quality in various lighting situations; 2. 4in screen;
It is more convenient to use.
Cons: professional installation is necessary if you add GBC30 to the mixture.
Garmin GDR35 & GBC30 (Garmin Corp)
Driving Record specifications: 3-
Pixel 1/3 in CMOS 1080 p (GDR35), 1-
Pixel 1/4 in CMOS 720 p (GBC30), f/2.
0 lens, collision detection, microSDHC storage slot size (W x D x H): 6. 57 x 8. 19 x 4. 16cm (GDR35), 4. 57 x 4. 61 x 4. 58cm (GBC30)Weight: 122g (GDR35), 36. 82g (GBC30)Website: www. garmin. com. MyPrice: RM750 (GDR35), RM295 (GBC30)Rating: 4.
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