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Nice Tips For Recording Xbox 360 Gameplay

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-12
If you're reading this, then I'm guessing you and your fellow buddies get serious with Battlefield or any other Xbox 360 video game, but a lot of your friends are creating videos to the internet sporting their most recent kill streaks and sniping locations. Would you like to join the video club and YouTube your own youtube videos? If so I'll explain how you go about doing it. First, you will want to choose a xbox game card. There are a few types; There are usb and pci cards. The pci gameplay cards must be installed into your computer; you will need to open up the system and in essence you have to be kind of crafty if you make a choice to use this method. However, I highly recommend finding a usb type of recording card. Some great cards are made by Roxio, Dazzle, and Hauppauge. When shopping around for the best capture card that meets your requirements, try and check to see what kind of connection the card has. For example, The Dazzle card is not compatible with component cables and therefore does not have the capability to record in true HD. Lots of the video clips I see on the Internet are only 480p non-HD. Therefore if you have no concern with the lower quality vids, then the Dazzle card is all you actually would need. Having said that, If you prefer to record in HD, then you will want to consider buying a game card that uses component cables. Two such cards are the Roxio card and the Hauppauge card. Both of these use component cables. The Roxio card records up to 720p (HD quality) and The Hauppauge cards can record up to 1080i (also HD quality). Listed below are a few different tips to begin with. Capture cards are shipped with their own recording and editing software. This software also offers you a setting to promptly publish your recent video direct to YouTube. However, do not use this method! You can achieve better quality videos if at first you export your video to a 720p file, and then log into YouTube channel and manually upload the created file. For reasons uknown, the game card devices cause distortion when the box is located too close to your television screen. If your screen is seeing blue lines, haze, or a static picture, simply relocate your game card a little ways away from the television set. If you use a desktop and not a laptop, then the supplied usb cable possibly may not reach all the way to your desktop. You can find extension cables on the web or at any computer stores. The video recording software is actually very resource intensive, Therefore I recommend that you close all of your other programs as well as any and all open internet windows, etc. before you start recording. And finally, if you are experiencing audio drops in your recordings, you will want to turn off automatic updates for windows, any automatic backups or scans that you may have your virus protection set to, etc. By the way: You can find the Windows Update settings in the control panel under 'Sytem and Security'. Well, happy recordings! I hope you found this article helpful.
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