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Lenovo G580 laptops in chennai India

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-18
Lenovo G series laptops are becoming most popular model from Lenovo. Lenovo G580 is a versatile G series model which has more features and also affordable price. You will enjoy the tension-free computing experience and fast performance. The 802.11n Wi-fi connectivity makes the laptop so reliable and the integrated Bluetooth feature enable fast connectivity with other devices. The internet and networking connections are managed by the Lenovo ReadyComm. It uses second generation intel core i3 processor. The processor model is 2730M. It has 15.6 inch screen with 1366X768 pixels. The memory storage is 2GB DDR3 and the hard disk capacity is up to 500 GB. This Lenovo G580 i3 laptop has integrated DVD reader and writer drive and 0.3MP built-in web camera. It has awesome and stylish look. It is more a tiny, shiny and slimy laptop with high quality. The keyboard is large enough. The keys are located with the wide space and contains numerical pad. But the drawback about the keyboard is not having the indicator lights. Without the indicator light it is difficult to know whether the Capslock and the Numlock is on or off. And also it doesn't have the backlight illumination. This makes the typing task difficult for the amateur typists. The advanced energy saving systems enables long battery life for this model. These features will protect the durability of the laptop. You can work for a long time without plugging in the charger. The cooling system of this model will increase the life of the components used inside the laptop. Most of the laptops are mainly affected by the overheating issue. But the Lenovo G580 laptops don't have any heat problem. You can use the laptop for several hours on your lap; you never feel any heat from the laptop. The stereo speakers presented in this laptop will give you a crystal clear audio experience which you can enjoy with movies, songs and games. It has inbuilt mike near the keypad which has a huge drawback while you chat in skype. The mike will produce an irritating sound during the chat. The laptop does not produce any sounds from the components. It has noise control fans. The G580 lenovo laptops have both USB 2.0 connectors and USB 3.0 Connectors with two in one card reader. The HDMI port used in this laptop will enable you to connect easily with the HD TV. The clarity of the screen is always unbeatable. It has exact brightness and contrast which produces the quality to the screen. The Lenovo G580 prices in Chennai are just Rs.33, 600.
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