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How to Use a Manual Electronic Car Battery Charger?

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-27
It happens, you step into your car and it has not been used for several days or you left the lights on accidentally. The battery is drained, the alternator cannot charge the battery so it needs to be done manually. It is important to ensure you always carry a battery charger in your car for such an emergency. Assuming you have the charger, here are simple steps to bear in mind when you are connecting battery chargers to ensure it is done safely and quickly. The first step is make sure the charger power switch is turned off. You should also make sure the battery charger is close to the front of your car, but the wire also has to reach an electrical socket. Sound obvious I know, but boy have I seen it happen. After you make your checks, you should connect the positive cable to the positive point on the battery. When you look at your car, you will see a red positive cable. The red positive cable should be connected to the positive on the battery. If you are not sure which one is the positive post, you should look for the '+' on it. The positive cable is usually red with a red clamp. When you clamp the negative cable to the battery charger you should make sure it is away from the battery. It should be fastened to the engine because it will spark if the battery and negative cable come into contact with each other. You should make sure the sheet metal is not clipped to the fuel line as the negative cable should be clipped to the frame of the car. When you're doing this process, you should make sure the voltage of your battery is set to 6-volts or 12-volts. Once you make sure the voltage is alright, you plug the power cord into the socket and turn it on. After this, you have to watch the power cord as the light turns from red to green. Once the light turns green, you can turn the charger power switch off. You will then need to unplug the charger from the socket, and you will need to remove the negative and the positive cable from the car. You can then start the car and drive it to where you need to go. Good luck charging the battery!
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