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by:ShunXinda      2019-09-19
There are a lot of tablets to eat and some are very cheap.
We reviewed five alternatives to the iPad. 1.
Toshiba AT270Toshiba, $539 mytoshiba. com.
Halo: 4/5 is the smallest tablet in Toshiba.
Not only the cargo pants in the pocket
But it\'s thinner than most tablets (And some calls.
The weight is only 350 grams.
The structure of AT270 is also very good, with textured metal on the back, giving a high-end feeling, bright 7. 67-
Inch screen that can be viewed at an angle or close range (1280x800).
This tablet is equipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich software.
Core processor and 1 gb RAM with 16 gb memory built in
Add two cameras at 5 and 2
They are millions of pixels.
The memory card also features a Micro USB connection and space.
Given the hardware of AT270, or given its Google competitors, it should be a little cheaper, but it\'s a solid small competitor. --2.
Asus Transformer PAD 300 TASUS, Asus $599. com.
Aole: 4/5 tablet-
Curious consumers who can\'t promise tablets through laptops should like the Asus device.
This is a rare creation that combines two gadgets without compromising too much.
The core of Asus Transformer Pad is 10. 1-
Bright high-inch tablet
Contrast screen, impressive four
Core processors, even 8-
It has a megapixel camera on the back cover.
While it comes down from the higher priced Prime Transformer, it won\'t go too far and make sure the Android Ice Cream Sandwich feels lively under your fingers.
The tablet weighs 635g over some tablets and uses a proprietary charger and does not provide a 3g connection.
If these don\'t meet the rules of the deal, the tablet hybrid is promising. --3.
Asus NEXUS 7 Google sells for 249 play. google. comRating: 4.
5/5 It may or may not be the \"iPad killer\" but it is definitely a game --changer.
Google\'s Nexus 7 tablet, manufactured by ASUS, has a much higher technical content than anyone expected for $249. The 7-
The inch tablet is a solid device, and its latest software and hardware are explicitly optimized for its use, including fourcore processor.
When launching and filling the Google Play app, this tablet can easily complete multiple tasks with little pause.
Jelly Bean, the new Android software, should get some points and provide new cute animations. Its size (1cm thin)and weight (340g)
Make it a commuter
Friendly and it\'s 7-
Inch 1280x800 display is easy on the eyes.
High vacancy-
But the 8 gb or 16 gb Nexus 7 is a compelling starter tablet. --4.
Acer iconia tab A200Acer, $369 acer. com. auRating: 3.
5/5 the budget for the big tablet is small.
The Iconia Tab A200 is much cheaper than its big brother A500 and looks similar with a solid body, 10. 1-
Soft inch display
Touch the back of the plastic and lots of ports.
Unlike other tablets, due to full-
Size and micro USB connection, and it also has space for MicroSD memory cards to increase its 16 gb storage capacity.
The tablet uses Google\'s Android Ice Cream Sandwich software, and Acer has added its pop-
Loop menu.
Cheaper options have drawbacks, including a 700g weight and a slightly dim screen, plus no rear camera or 3g connection. --5.
19an AGORAKogan, $19 kogan. com.
Proud: The price of 3/5 pairs of running shoes is now available for tablets.
Kogan has weakened most of its competitors with its 10-10 Agora tablet
Created in very thin inches, from cheap tablets in recent years (remember the T-Touch Tab).
Unlike these models, the tablet has a capacity screen with IPS technology that can be viewed more clearly at an angle, as well as Google\'s Android Ice Cream Sandwich software, they had to label so many ports in order to avoid confusion.
But this tablet is for beginners only.
The screen is muddy, the fingerprint is displayed, there is no 3-
The megapixel camera is disappointing, a little buggy, and its structure is far from perfect.
Agora could be a good low price
Commitment tablet.
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