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blaupunkt floatz bluetooth earphones review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-29
Bluetooth headset is a convenient way to listen to music, you can also use 3 without having to deal with tangled wires.
The 5mm headphone jack disappears from the smartphone and the Bluetooth headset is becoming more and more popular.
Blaupunkt has launched a cheap Bluetooth headset called Floatz for Rs. 2,499.
We \'ve reviewed quite a few pairs of Bluetooth headsets in the budget section, but is Blaupunkt Floatz better than other products on the market?
It looks like Blaupunkt\'s goal is to design a compact set of headphones and do everything possible to reduce the weight.
The headset housing of Floatz is made of plastic and very small.
The magnets on the back of this shell make sure that when you don\'t use them, they stick to your neck and don\'t wrap together.
There are three-button in-
Line remote also holds Floatz batteries.
Blaupunkt Floatz is very light and weighs only 10 lbs.
5g, mostly concentrated in-
Line remote module.
Blaupunkt generously offers six pairs of earbuds, three of which have wingtips to help Floatz attach to your ears, while the other three pairs are normal.
Blaupunkt managed to keep the floating weight below 10g.
Floatz\'s line remote has three buttons, one of which is a multi-function button that can be used to power the device on/off, put the device in pairing mode, and answer or disconnect the call.
The other two buttons are used for volume control and also allow you to jump to the next track or go back to the previous one.
There is a micro
The USB port charges the battery and it is covered with a rubber flap to help Blaupunkt Floatz get IPX7 certification.
This means that the equipment is waterproof, so sweat should not be a problem.
You get a micro
USB cable in the box.
Blaupunkt selected 6mm drives for Floatz, but did not mention the frequency range of the headset.
Using Bluetooth 5, this headset supports HFP, HSPs, A2DP, and AVRCP profiles.
Since these headphones are light, you may forget that you are wearing them.
Only when running can you feel the weight of your bodyline remote.
We used this medium.
Throughout the course of our review, the size of the ear tip with a wingtip found it to be perfect.
They designed a good sealing device to keep the sound around them from being heard.
The rubber tips are easy to swap and you can change to a different size that suits you.
We tested Blaupunkt Floatz using Google Pixel 3 and played music from JioSaavn.
These headphones stream music from pixel 3 using AAC codec.
No support for high-
Quality aptX codecs, unlike other headphones at similar prices such as Mivi Ray beats.
We also pair these headphones with the MacBook Air, which uses the SBC codec to stream audio.
We play high with the MacBook Air-
Sounds like a richer resolution FLAC audio file than the music we played using jiosavn on 320 kbps.
Floatz is very comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. We chose to play music when we were 80.
Volume 90% on Blaupunkt Floatz as we found the whole volume a bit too high for us.
This headset has a classic V.
A molded sound signature should be suitable for most music types.
Floatz listens to Maroon 5 and talks about animals, making quite a few bass.
It didn\'t hit as hard as we hoped, but it went well.
We found that the highs were a bit too sharp at the highest volume but did not cause fatigue.
Blaupunkt Floatz also provides good stereo separation, and when we listen to Wolfmother\'s Joker and thief, we can clearly hear the different instruments used.
These headphones have good sound grading, which is obvious when we test them by playing Hocus Pocus by moving the wave.
Battery life is one area where we think Blaupunkt Floatz can do better.
In our test, we only got about 6 hours of play time, which is very low.
Blaupunkt promises to play at a maximum volume of 13 hours, and our repeated tests show that it is true
The performance of the world is far from reaching this number.
There\'s an automaticpower-
Turn off the function and automatically turn off the headset after a fixed inactivity time to save power.
It took us about two hours to charge Floatz using the laptop\'s USB port, and when using the 10 w power charger we spent almost 1 hour and 15 minutes.
It has a micro usb port for charging. We made a few calls with this headset and found it loud even in a noisy environment.
Our callers didn\'t realize we were talking to them with headphones and didn\'t like the audio quality.
VerdictThe Blaupunkt Floatz offers good performance at an affordable price.
These headphones are light and comfortable enough to be worn for a long time.
They can also wear during exercise.
The call quality is good, but the battery life is where Floatz performs better.
If you are a heavy user, you have to charge this headset regularly.
Apart from battery life, we don\'t have any complaints about Blaupunkt Floatz, which makes it very easy to recommend at its price. Price: Rs.
2,599 ProsConsRatings (Out of 5)
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