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Some of the Best Handheld GPS Devices

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-01
A handheld GPS device is the best choice when you are out hiking, boating, hunting, driving or geocaching. This gadget is convenient and easier to use. The best handheld GPS devices have special accessories that enable them to be set up in a car. These handheld units are available in two types, the mapping units and non- mapping ones. The handheld mapping units display maps which can be pre- loaded and uploaded from the computer. The ordinary non- mapping device shows the above features but does not display maps. Therefore, if you plan on biking or hiking a standard handheld unit will be suitable for you. Some of the Best Handheld GPS brands are Garmin, Bushnell, Magellan and Lowrance. Here is a look at the top rated brands and their features. 1. Garmin Forex 401 water resistant GPS This is among the best handheld devices used for hiking. It is also highly rated among the Garmin brands. Features It keeps track of waypoints, routes and tracks. It has highly sensitive GPS receiver with hot fix for enhanced reception in deep canyons and bushy areas. Its trackback feature helps in retracing user's paths on the LCD display. It supports double position readout to enable users to view their present location in several formats. It features fishing and hunting information, barometer altimeter, electronic compass, sunrise and sunset times. 2. Garmin G3 approach waterproof touchscreen GPS. This is good when going golfing as it contains detailed golfing maps to offer golfers accurate distance information on fairways. Features It contains USB cable, approach G3, owner's manual and belt clip. It has comprehensive golf course maps to guide golfers. The unit updates the users on their position and distance to every target as they go above the course. Magellan explorist GC water resistant GPS This device is required when going geocaching. Since geocaching involves finding hidden treasures, a handheld device will help in finding coordinates and direction. Features Easily connected to the user's community making it very useful to geocachers. It has an instinctive user's interface, vibrant graphics, menus and simple controls. 2.2 inch LCD display It offers great readability in the sun because of its vibrant color reflective screen Choosing a good device can be quite a challenge since they are available in diverse varieties. You can get the best handheld GPS device by considering the following factors Your needs When buying this device, you have to define your needs. This will help you choose a device with the features you want. Therefore, if you are going hunting or fishing, choose a handheld GPS device that is suitable for these outdoor activities. Ability to be updated Select a handheld device that can easily be updated. Note that maps and routes keep on changing so you need a device that can be updated with the latest information. It should have a removable memory, this will make updating easier and you can use whichever software you want. Other features to be considered when buying handheld GPS units include expandable memory, electronic compass, color screen and an altimeter.
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