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samsung galaxy m10 vs galaxy m20: samsung\'s galaxy m-series phones compared

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-14
Samsung\'s Galaxy M10 and Galaxy m20 smartphones are available in India on Monday, the first of its brand new India smartphonesfirst Galaxy M-Series lineup.
Both smartphones have similar features, including Infinity-
V display panel, dual rear camera settings and online-
Only availability.
However, there are also several major differences between the Samsung Galaxy M10 and the Galaxy M20 --
The RAM/storage variants and different starting prices are the largest.
For example, the Samsung Galaxy M20 is being released in its top-level configuration with a 4 gb ram 64 gb storage option, and the galaxy M10 will be sold with a maximum 3 gb ram 32 gb storage option.
These phones will be sold through Amazon India and Samsung\'s own electronics from February 5. store.
We put the two phones together to highlight the biggest difference between the Samsung Galaxy M10 and the Samsung Galaxy M20 phones.
The biggest difference between the two phones is the price.
The price of the Samsung Galaxy M10 in India starts with Rs.
The price of the 2 gb RAM/16 gb storage model is 7,990, while the price of the 3 gb RAM/32 gb storage model is Rs. 8,990.
On the other hand, the price of the Galaxy M20 in India starts with Rs.
The 3 gb RAM/32 gb storage is configured at 10,990 and the price for its 4 gb RAM/64 gb storage version is Rs. 12,990.
Samsung Galaxy M-
The range models will have color options for carbon black and ocean blue and will be available on Amazon.
India and Samsung Electronics-Store.
The two phones will be available on February 5.
Samsung Galaxy M10 and Samsung Galaxy M20 mobile phone Sports Unlimited-
V is displayed in front and more often drops of waterstyle notches.
The two phones are similar in size, but the display on the Galaxy M20 is slightly larger than the Galaxy m10.
Cheaper variants are considered to have a thicker chin at the bottom, while the Galaxy M20 is considered to have a thinner chin relatively.
There are three of these two phones.
Slot SIM tray with two slots for Nano SIM card and a dedicated microSD slot for memory expansion.
A key difference to see is the fingerprint scanner after the Galaxy M20 moves, while the Galaxy M10 does not move.
There is also a speaker grille at the bottom of the Galaxy M10 rear panel, while the Galaxy M20 moves the speaker grille at the bottom edge.
Galaxy M10 sports a micro
USB port, USB type with Galaxy M20-C port.
Both phones feature vertical stacked dual rear camera settings, volume and power buttons on the right edge, and 3.
5mm audio jack port at the bottom edge.
Both Samsung Galaxy M10 and Samsung Galaxy M20 are running on Android 8.
In addition to the Samsung Experience, there is also an Oreo. 5 UX.
The Galaxy M10 features 6. 2-inch HD+ (720x1520 pixels)Infinity-
The V display panel and the aspect ratio of 19: 9, while the Galaxy M20 has a slightly larger 6. 3-inch full-HD+ (
1080x2340 pixels)Infinity-
Show V with 19.
5: 9 aspect ratio.
The Samsung Galaxy M10 features Exynos 7870 SoC with 2 gb ram 16 gb storage and 3 gb ram 32 gb storage options.
The Samsung Galaxy M20 features Exynos 7904 SoC with 3 gb RAM 32 gb storage and 4 gb RAM 64 gb storage options.
There are special microSD cards (up to 512GB)
As mentioned above, the slot used to extend the memory.
Both phones have one including 13-
Million pixel primary sensor with f/1.
9 aperture and another 5-
Pixel secondary Super
Wide sensor with f/2. 2 aperture.
For selfies, there are 5-megapixel f/2.
There are 0 sensors on the front of Samsung Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20
F/2 before million pixels. 0 sensor.
The other area of the two phones is the battery.
When the battery power of the Galaxy M10 is 3,400, the battery power of the Galaxy M20 is 5,000.
Are Samsung Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 better than cheap phones from Redmi, Realme and Asus? We discussed this on track, the track is our weekly technical podcast where you download the episodes or click the Play button below.
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