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Kingston Releases Record USB Memory of 128 GB

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-20
Kingston is as usual out there early in the release of USB flash drives with very large storage space. Now they come with the world's first USB memory stick that holds 128 GB. Kingston DataTraveler 200 series units which may be a new sibling with 128 GB storage capacity. There is already the memories of 64 GB and 32 GB. The new USB stick has features like password protection and support of Windows Vista's ReadyBoost. Using password protection you can secure your memory so that no one else can read your files, which is good if you lose it. For really good security, read our test of McAfee Zero Footprint. ReadyBoost is a feature that Microsoft introduced with the Windows Vista, and that makes the OS can use the USB stick as extra memory to store virtual memory. It enables you to have more RAM to work with and to your computer, in theory, becomes faster. With a quick and good USB memory stick it can work really well. Just go to My Computer , right click on your USB stick and select ReadyBoost. Kingston's new DataTraveler 200 of 128 GB will have a target price of 5225 SEK. There are a lot of money, and get home has so clearly afford it. The advantage is that the smaller memory drops in price. 64 GB model costs 1740 SEK, which is a bit more affordable. All the memories of the series, five-year warranty. A situation where such a solution is good, if you have an ADSL modem anywhere in your house and your computer somewhere else. You can then either choose to run the wireless network, or drag an Ethernet cable between your modem and your computer. The latter is common but it's not fun to have an ugly cable lying across the house. The Belkin product, or similar, instead, connect an adapter to the modem and the computer, and then the traffic goes through your electrical wiring inside the walls. Electrical cables in the house are all closed, which makes this possible. Since data traffic is sent on a different frequency than the current, so it is possible to do so here. I lost a lot of performance on the road in the cables, so you hardly comes up at top speed. There is also a safety issue if you live in the apartment, because his neighbor when in theory can access your network if they also have an adapter. Security settings resolves this.
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