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is the pono music player worth all the hype it\'s received?

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-14
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
There\'s a lot of people betting, portable, high
The resolution music player will be the \"next big thing\" for companies like Sony\"SNE -Get Report)
New products are produced by IRiver and hiiman. U. S. -
However, Pono-based is probably the most impressive of them.
With the support of legendary rock musician Neil Young, Pono started his life with a crowdfunding portable player.
However, many of the topics discussed in music are not just Mr.
Young\'s enthusiastic support is more because the final product sounds good. The 4. 6-
The Ounce device is designed in a triangle and can be described as a lightweight aluminum candy bar with a touch screen.
Texas Instruments inside (TXN -Get Report)
Processor, 256 mb ram, ESS Technology digital-to-
Built-in 64 gb analog processing chip
Storage in flash memory (
Scalable to 192 GB with optional 128 GB microSD card)
And a rechargeable battery, fully charged for 6 hours.
Pono can play almost any digital music format you can play-from a low-
Resolution MP3 files to better sound files--
Includes 24-bit/192 KHz backcourt, ALAC, and WAV, and even the new favorite file type known as DSD.
Pono runs on a very highly modified, almost completely unrecognized Google version (GOOG -Get Report)Android 2.
3 operating system.
Whether it\'s from the PonoWorld store or any other online retailer, including iTunes and HDtracks, it\'s easy to add music to your device.
You can use the company\'s easy-to-
Use the software, even via a USB cable. Typical CD-
High quality album downloads cost $13 and higher-
It takes $18 to download the res album from the Pono store.
Although it will take Pono a while
The parsing file to be transferred (
Not speed demon in this regard)
Once your music is in there, waiting is worth it.
The Pono features an easy-to-use touch screen with excellent sound quality.
We tested it with a variety of different headphones.
The ear monitor found it to be the opposite of the sound of the Beats headset.
The music it offers does not overemphasize any part of the sound.
Pono sometimes sounds a bit bass shy and sounds perfect at other times.
The mid-tone and treble sound smooth and authentic.
Overall, it was a very pleasant experience to listen to Pono.
Pono retails for $400, or a special edition signed by Norah Jones or Patti Smith for $500, with Sony\'s $300 NWZ-
Digital Walkman.
Sony is smaller, more flat and more portable, but it lacks the touch
Screen and ability to play DSD files.
Pono\'s touch screen control system is easier to use and the device is able to play more types of digital files.
While the music performance of these two devices is slightly different, if you are willing to invest in high output mode, Pono has the ability to hide to sound better in balanced output mode
Price of accessories.
The balanced output allows a three-wire connection to reduce noise and electrical interference. Most consumer-
Cheaper use of grade audio devices, two
Unbalanced connection of wires.
Unfortunately, unlike smartphones or some newer, more expensive digital music portable devices, neither of these devices can be served from an Internet radio station or an online library (such as Spotify or Tidal)
Overall, Pono proved himself to be a high
Portable digital music quality.
This sounds more than just a good thing for portable devices.
We found that it was very impressive in expensive, expensive competitions.
Terminal audio system.
Pono fulfilled the promise and strongly recommended it.
Overall score: 8 points.
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