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infinix quiet x review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-13
Hong Kong-based manufacturer infinixix recently launched a series of new smartphones in the Indian market.
One of them, Infinix Zero 5 Pro (Review)
It turned out to be such a surprising good performer that it even became our list of best smartphones in 2017.
Today, let\'s review the company\'s initiative to eliminate noise (ANC)
The headset is also available in India.
Quiet X is excessive
Ear headphones with ANC and day features-
Long battery life.
Currently sold in Rs. 8,999 (
Start with an introduction quote from ofr. 4,999).
ANC headphones don\'t have much competition in this area, but can quiet X be the best product at this price? embed-container {
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Infinix has made a simple design with a quiet X.
The headband feels strong and has a soft rubber texture inside, so it sits comfortably on your head.
The stem of the ear cup shrinks back to the headband and is easy to adjust.
The earmuffs themselves are made of aluminum alloy and feel very hard.
We like matte finish.
The inside of the ear cup has an oversized letter indicating \"l\" and \"r\", which makes it easy to put the quiet X in the right position.
They also rotate inward so that you can more easily put the headphones away when you don\'t use them.
The liner of the ear cup is very plush and feels comfortable in our ears.
At the bottom of the right ear cup, we have the ANC button with our own LED, power switch and 3.
5mm input socket.
These headphones can also be used as regular wired headphones, which can come in handy when the battery runs out.
On the right ear cup, we have a micro
USB charging port, volume rocker and play/pause button.
The latter can also be used to answer incoming calls, skip or go to the previous track.
In the retail box, you will get a cloth with bags, a miniature
USB cable for charging and stereo cable for connecting to 3.
5mm socket on any source device.
However, you do not have the adapter used on the plane, which is usually bundled with the ANC headset.
Overall, we were impressed by the quality and completion of the construction of the quiet X.
Looks elegant and the materials used look good quality.
When bending the headband or rotating the earmuffs, we did not hear any unwanted creaking in the plastic.
In terms of functionality, Quiet X uses Bluetooth 4.
2. the frequency range is 20Hz to 20,000Hz and the impedance is 32 ohms.
In addition to SBC, it also supports AAC audio codecs.
While Infinix has not promoted this, Quiet X seems to support Qualcomm\'s higher quality aptX streaming codec.
When we paired the phone with Google Pixel 2, we found this out.
The overall weight is also fairly easy to control at 262g.
The quiet X is very comfortable to wear, just apply the right clamping force on the ear so it doesn\'t move around.
There are voice prompts to guide you through the pairing process and to confirm when the headset is connected to the device.
You can have both devices connected to a quiet X at the same time.
The earmuffs provide a passive isolation with good ambient sound, but turning on the ANC can improve this.
The effect is pretty good, but nearby sounds, such as people talking or typing, can still be heard when you don\'t play music.
We found that with the advent of the ANC onthan off, the bass in the audio track was much stronger.
Once you raise the volume to over 70%, the headphones start to leak the sound, which we don\'t like.
Quiet X likes bass
The track is very heavy and sounds really good.
With the addition of the ANC, we were able to get a satisfying bass with good control in tracks like Giggs\'s Lock Doh.
Pushing the volume above 90% does cause a slight distortion of the bass and a considerable amount of sound leakage. Mid-
The range performance feels a bit muddy and the sound is a bit far away rather than the front and middle.
In tracks like Billy Joel\'s \"leave\", the influence of the bass drum is barely felt, and the sound features are far from exciting.
The high volume is handled well and does not sound harsh at high volume.
When watching the video, the vocals are not very clear again, but the quiet X performs better at lower frequencies.
The Bluetooth is automatically turned off by inserting the bundled stereo cable.
Not much improvement in audio quality (if at all)
It\'s wired but you can still use the ANC.
You can continue to use Quiet X as the standard wired headphone pair when the battery runs out, but the audio quality is still very average. The built-
The microphone works well in collecting your voice, and when we test it, we feel that there is no need to shout out to each other to hear us clearly, even outdoors.
The volume adjustment and music play buttons are easy to reach when moving.
Inifinix has all
But our findings are different.
With the ANC on all the time, we managed to get less than 16 hours of running time in two days.
This includes listening to music and watching TV programs, as well as making some phone calls.
The volume is usually set at 60-70 percent.
Except that the Bluetooth light flashes red intermittently when the battery level is very low, and you will receive a \"low power\" voice prompt, there is no way to check the battery level.
VerdictNoise noise works well on quiet X and it does a great job in bassheavy tracks.
However, the vocal performance is affected and the performance is not better compared to the wired connection.
The battery life is good, although it is really much lower than the claimed run time when testing.
The quiet X leaks a lot of sound at a higher volume, which is a shame because drivers tend to turn on a bit outside the 70% volume.
On the other hand, it\'s good-
Built, comfortable, good-looking.
Infinix Quiet X is available for sale at the introductory price of Rs.
4,999, this is not bad for an ANC headset.
However, this quote now seems to be over, and it\'s a bit difficult to recommend a quiet X at the actual price of Rs.
8,999 when something like plantrotron back beat Pro 2 retails at about the same price. Price (MRP)
: Rs 8,999 (Out of 5)
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