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Gadget gifts for the holidays: Cnet\'s Top 10

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-03
If you want a full, polished Apple tablet experience in a smaller package, the iPad Mini deserves a premium.If you want a full, polished Apple tablet experience in a smaller package, the iPad Mini deserves a premium.If you want to decorate your home with technology this holiday season, here is a list to consider.Expert editors from Cnet have collected top-level gifts for any gadget --A loving friend or family memberor yourself.With top-From smartphones and tablets to TV and home theater, there are devices for everyone.A 7-The inch tablet is a great gift with two first class options.No one will be disappointed to receive the iPad Mini.But the Nexus 7 does almost everything the same and costs $130 less.So new, smaller tablets are our first choice this year.In any case, you should buy the iPad Mini if it fits your budget.But we think you can safely give the cheap Nexus 7.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 stars is good: slim and light design is more intimate and more suitable for bookingCompared to the larger iPad, its camera, storage capacity, optional LTE antenna and general features provide a complete iPad experience.The screen size is more elegantly displayed-Format for magazines and apps.Cons: its cost is too high, especially given its low 7 resolution.9-inch non-Retina Display.A5 processor is not as powerful as the fourth processor-IPad and iPhone 5.Typing on smaller screens is not very comfortable.Cost: $329 to $550 bottom line: the iPad Mini is worth a premium if you want a full, polished Apple tablet experience in a smaller package.Otherwise, good alternatives can be bought for less money.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 stars is good: it offers a clear screen, comfortable design and excellent battery life at a lower starting price.Android 4.2 added some welcome and useful features.The bad thing is: Android still needs more tabletsThere is a frame rate problem with optimized applications, newer games, and HSPA speed seems to be particularly dependent on location.Cost: $199 to $299 bottom line: With its excellent design, useful software features and cheap starting prices, the nexus 7 is the cheapest way to experience the best experience offered by the Android operating system.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 stars is good: it is full of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 4g lte/HSPA 42 features, zippy doubleCore processor and powerful 8-Megapixel camera.Sbeam is an excellent software enhancement product with the right price for mobile phones.The bad thing is: The screen is too dark and Samsung\'s Siri rival S Voice is disappointing.The cost: $100-$ 600The bottom line: High-With hardware and creative software features, Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great top-notch productA terminal phone that goes hand in hand with HTC One X.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 stars is good: it has the best screen we \'ve seen so far on e-commerceink e-reader.The built-For night reading, the light is very good, and the touch screen is one notch higher than the competition.Amazon\'s e-Book selection is still the best in class.Battery life is good as long as you turn on Wi-Fi off.The bad thing is: it may be a little lighter and does not include the AC adapter (just a microUSB cable for charging), no memory expansion slot.The ad-The free version also costs $20.Cost: The bottom line of the dollar: an excellent buildingThe best light and Amazon --in-class e-Kindle paper White\'s book selection rises to the top of e-commercereader pack.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 is good: Roku LT is a small streaming-Only $50 media boxIt offers hundreds of streaming and -Audio services including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, Vudu, Pandora, Mog, Rdio and MLB.TV.Roku also offers CrossPlatform search, can find content in the main streaming services.It also supports older TV with analog video output.Bad: for those who invest in the Apple ecosystem, it doesn\'t offer the same tight integration as the Apple TV AirPlay feature.Roku LT also lacks YouTube and Spotify channels.There is no Ethernet port so you need a reliable Wi-Fi signal for home theater.Cost: $48 to $50 bottom line: Roku LT is a killer stream-The media box provides a lot of content for just $50.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 stars is good: iPhone 5 adds everything we want in iPhone 4S: 4g lte, longer, larger screen, free turnby-Turn on navigation and a faster A6 processor.Plus, its top-to-The bottom redesign is sharp, slim and feather-like.The bad thing is: the Apple map doesn\'t feel finished and there is a problem;The Sprint and Verizon models cannot use voice and data at the same time;The smaller connector makes the current attachment without the adapter unusable;there\'s no NFC;The screen size is dwarfed by the giant Android model.The cost: $200-Bottom line: the iPhone 5 completely rebuilt the iPhone in the framework of new features and designs, addressing its previous major shortcomings.This is definitely the best iPhone to date, and it\'s easy to take a place in the smartphone space.Cnet rating: 4.5 stars out 5 good: affordable Panasonic TC-The PST50 series presents outstanding overall picture quality, characterized by a very deep black level, very clear shadow details, accurate color, bright-Room performance.Unlike the liquid crystal display, it has excellent off-as a plasma-Angle and uniformity.The styling is very attractive and the function setting is also very goodExcellent screen help options are included.The bad thing: it uses more power than a competitor\'s LCD TV, and does not perform as well as those with matte screens in bright rooms.It\'s not 3-D glasses, in 3-More than some competitive TV.ST50 is only 50-Inch and larger size.Three HDMI inputs are one less than most mid-range TVs.Fee: $1,259-$1, bottom line: Flagship-With a medium price horizontal picture quality, the Panasonic ST50 series sets the value standard among video enthusiastsgrade TVs.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 is good: you can control the singleSpeaker flowUse the free app to get the audio system from any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android smartphone.Good sound.Its compact and elegant design reduces the clutter of wires to transmit the InternetRadio and audio services based on any Mac, PC or NAS drive, as well as your own digital music collection.Also, it\'s simple to set up, especially if you already have a Sonos system and the linked Sonos player (purchased separately) can cover up to 31 additional rooms.The bad thing is: Play: 3 has almost no stereo separation and does not provide details and clarity of the stepsup Play: 5.Also, although it can interact wirelessly with other Sonos products, you need a hardIf it\'s your only Sonos component, a wired connection or a $49 wireless Sonos Bridge accessory.The cost: $296-The bottom line is $ 300The: while it doesn\'t sound as good as the bigger Play: 5, Sonos Play: 3 offers exceptional streamingYou can control the audio experience from any iOS device or Android smartphone.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 is good: it has an excellent design and feature set including super wideAngle 20x zoom lens, GPS and halfManual and manual shooting mode, as well as the low performance and improvement of fast shootingLight Photo quality from previous versions.Bad: Use all the highPerformance features, as nearThe meaningless touch screen can really shorten the battery life.In addition, the photos become noisy and soft when viewed at 100%.Cost: $244 to $356 bottom line: Panasonic Lumix DMC-The 20x zoom lens of the Zs20 may be the main attraction, but the camera is full-Great.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 stars is good: The headphones have good sound quality and detailed natural sound, and the bass is good.They are also comfortable and the price is around $60.The bad thing is: there is no integrated microphone for calling.The extra-Long wires make the headphones less suitable for mobile use.They don\'t fold like ATH.Model M35, the power cord is not removable.The cost: $50-Bottom line for $68: while they and step-up ATH-M50 model, audio-Technica ATH-The cost of the M30 headset is much lower, the cost performance is high, and the quality is also good.Cnet rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars are good: it features a compact handheld design with an integrated Roku streaming stick.It has built-in dual-band Wi-Fi and basically the full functionality of a standStreaming apps including Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Mlb and more.TV, Vudu and HBO Go.And a built-in one.The rechargeable battery makes it truly portable.Bad: built inThe battery only lasts for more than 1 minute.5 hours.Although the image quality is observable, the resolution is limited to DVD-The quality and pictures may be brighter.Cost: $300 bottom line: The 3 m Streaming Projector puts the full power of the Roku box in the pico projector and becomes an undeniable cool gadget, even if the battery life is limited.The following Cnet staff contributed to this report: Senior Editors Eric Franklin, Scott Stein, David Katzmaier, Joshua Goldman and Laura K.Cucullu;Executive editor David Carnoy;Senior deputy editor-in-chief Matthew MoscowLook for Cnet\'s regular technical rating feature on Chronicle.
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