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by:ShunXinda      2020-08-19
The best place to shop for computers and computer related items is on the internet. There are over 1000 options to choose from, ranging from laptops to tablets. If you're looking for a netbook, they are available in 7 inch varieties with pre-programmed Windows and in-built Wi-Fi. You can get a netbook that runs on Windows CE in either black or white casings. When it comes to tablets, you can select from the EKEN M001, the EKEN M002, or the EKEN M003 or the EKEN M004. Each of these tablets has LCD touch screens and is portable, Wi-FI enabled, and kind on the eye. If you're looking for portable memory devices, you can get a very cool USB flash drive shaped like a grenade. It has a capacity of 4GB and is compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, and Linux 2.4. If you're DIY enthusiast, and you have sim cards that are too large to fit inside in your iPad or iPhone 4G, you can customize your sim cards individually using a Micro SIM cutter. The Micro SIM Cutter is made of black stainless steel, and it comes with 2 free Micro SIM adapters. In terms of HDMI cables, the range is quite large too, with almost 50 pieces to choose from. When you need to link machinery over a large distance, you can use the 1.8 metre HDMI male to male extension cable. It can extend your work space by almost two metres, which is very convenient. The 1.5 metre Gold-plated HDMI to RGB Cable has 3 cords in one, and they are colour coded to ease your connections. It saves HDTV bandwidth and gives full digital video and audio data. The weight of the cable is 188 grams. For USB connections, you can use the 185 cm USB 3.o A Male to A Male extension cable. This fine blue wire can be used to extend your modems, receivers or transmitters in order to get a better internet signal. It can also be used on an MP3 player so that you can use it in a different room while its charging. It costs just $3.83, and is small enough to fit in your MP3 bag if the cable is well coiled. Shopping in this way is convenient because you don't even have to leave your home, and you can get great discounts and free shipping. For more information please visit
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