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adrian weckler tech review: panasonic lumix lx15

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-07
Our technical editor reviews Panasonic Lumix l15.
€ 7294 StarsIf if you are really, really good camera, suitable for Lumix LX15. in your pocket, Panasonic.
It\'s kind of like half of the company.
Professional LX100 model and its large-
Zoom TZ100 model, camera sensor size is close to both.
I absolutely love the larger lx 100 as a stand-alone camera, but this lx 15 model is easier to carry, meaning I\'m more likely to carry with me.
And its 3 times zoom (24mm-72mm equivalent)
Not close (Same size)
The huge 10 times zoom of the Tz100, from the light, the lens is much fasterloving f1. 4. (
This is manually adjusted through a ring on the lens. )
Here are some serious portrait photos that can play in a compact camera.
This camera can also focus closer (
3 cm competitors, compared to 5 cm)than most.
The camera has great 3-
Flip an inch touch screen of 180 ° for a timed selfie or portrait.
You can also zoom manually if you want, though the speed is not fast: it will take a while for the lens to catch up with your twist action.
There is a dedicated video button that can be taken to UHD by this LX15 (4K)resolution.
No viewfinder might bother some enthusiasts, though I don\'t think casual photographers like the feature as much as professionals do.
You can use the normal micro USB cable (
Most Android phones have the same power type)
Very convenient.
Like some other Panasonic cameras, the LX15 has an innovative feature called \"rear focus.
This allows you to determine which part of the photo you want clear (focused in on)
After the photo.
Each photo takes a few seconds, and anything that moves in those seconds will be displayed as a slight move in a different version of the photo.
The main compromise with pocket size is that some people may feel a little awkward holding.
For example, the LX100 model is almost ergonomic by comparison.
I also found that the control at the ISO level is too cumbersome: this requires its own buttons.
With this camera, it is clear that Panasonic is adopting Sony\'s very successful RX100 series.
In my opinion, it is easy to win in price: latest RX100 V model
Remember, it has photo sensors of the same size
The cost is almost twice as high as 1,200 euros.
This is too expensive for such a product.
Like any camera, you have made some compromises on this.
The biggest one in my opinion is scaling.
But if you can live with a more modest zoom, this is the best you can get in this price range.
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