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$5 mini usb fridge!

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-01
Now, we see 12 v camper cooler in garage sales and thrift stores (
I found one for $2. 50)
, Here\'s a good idea to turn it into a customizable Mini
Refrigerator powered by USB port!
You basically only need a cross screwdriver and a fine socket or needle clamp to take the radiator and fan apart so you can remove the radiator and fan from the cooler.
Now, you may ask why you want to do this, not just use the cooler.
The answer is that most of the time when you find one of them, the case breaks and the wires are lost, but that\'s not the problem. . .
Sandwiched between the radiators, you will find the Peltier unit, which is about the same size and thickness as the computer CPU.
Between the top layer and the bottom layer, you will see special substrates that have unique properties that allow the Peltier unit to cool while applying current and heat on the other side.
In some cases there will be spray foam insulation between the two radiators, which can easily be broken with your fingers.
You can safely remove the peltier unit from other radiators as it can only be maintained through hot compounds.
Once you have cleaned the radiator at the top and bottom, put peltier back between the two radiators and tighten the bolts again.
If you leave any hot paste with your own computer together, you can choose to clear the old paste and, before connecting the new paste to the CPU, like on the CPU radiator/fan Assembly, apply the new paste back to each radiator.
The Peltier unit is designed in 3-
12 V, 5 V of USB port is working properly.
While the current may ideally be higher, the output of 500 MW is acceptable.
Cut the end of the old USB cable (
Or pick up a cheap one)
Peel back the plastic cover a few inches long.
Inside you will find 4 wires, usually inside a woven or thin aluminum shield.
The color of the wire is white, green, red and black.
Trim the white and green wires, peel off a small amount of the black and red wires and weld them to the red and black wires of the peltier unit.
Wrap or use a heat shrink tube with tape.
If you need information about the correct welding procedure or the use of the heat shrink tube, there are many excellent instructions to provide you with all the information you need, just search!
Alternatively, you can connect a 1 k limit resistor between the red and black wires, although you are very safe under voltage and mA, no need.
Now plug the USB cable into the USB port on your PC and in about 30 seconds you will feel that one radiator is getting really cool while the other one is getting warm.
Note which radiators will get cool as this is something we want to wrap in the mini fridge.
I use foamboard because it is easy to cut with xacto knife and its isolated features, and basically built a box around the radiator using a hot glue gun to connect the sides and the top and then apply a line of hot glue along the seam to ensure a closed compartment.
The bottom is cut in half and a square part in the middle is cut out to make room for the peltier unit.
I then glued two halves to the lower side of the cooling radiator, then to the left, back and right side of the fridge, and finally to the top.
Take a look at the picture below: I use white plastic with a hinge door, although you can definitely use the small hinges of the hardware store, just stick them to the front to properly open and close.
I stuck a small piece of foamboard inside the refrigerator assembly, then a flexible refrigerator magnet on the inside of the door and the foamboard length to make a magnetic \"grab\" door closed.
I also threw a battery powered white LED and when the door was open I used a leaf switch to turn the light on.
I run the wiring of the leaf switch along the inside and a small hole in the back of the pass, connect to the AA battery box glued to the outside of the refrigerator, and then use the white plastic tape along the wire to connect it to the inside.
I pull the handle with a cheap hardware store drawer.
As you can see at the door, I wanted to make it look like the store \"cooler\" you saw on the drink, so I cut a window, A part of the plexiglass was hot on the window.
As you can see from the photo, this cooler will hold a large bottled water or a 20 oz plastic soda bottle, even though the drink I chose was Starbucks vanilla Frappucino!
The cooler will keep the drink at 45-
50 degrees, when your drink is cold for obvious reasons, it works best.
You can choose to use 1 amp 7.
5 v dc adapter, which will significantly reduce the temperature without making the lower radiator too hot to be placed on a regular surface.
In this case, I strongly recommend that you add a 1 k limit resistor to prevent the DC adapter from getting hot.
Now add graphics from your favorite game or website and make mini
Refrigerator is an innovation.
I print it out on an inkjet transparent film to create the perspective graphics you see here.
Have a good time and watch the video of the wonderful ending. . . ; )
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