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by:ShunXinda      2019-09-16
Daily Mail reporter update: at 05: 21 on December 31, 2010, the days of crazy search for the correct mobile phone charger finally ended, releasing a universal charger compatible with almost all new phones.
The European Commission this week released a technical specification for a standard charger that has secured 14 of the world\'s largest handset manufacturers including Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion
New charger on production, this is a micro
The USB connector is set to start almost immediately.
It should be available in early 2011.
The move is in response to the anger of consumers who buy each phone with a charger with a different connection.
The process of creating a universal charger began in June 2009 when EC reached a landmark agreement with handset manufacturers to design the right charger.
Antonio Tajani, European Commissioner of industry and entrepreneurs, described the move as \"a real win-win\"win situation\'.
He said: \"I am pleased that the European standardizing agency has met our requirements to develop the technical standards required for universal mobile phone chargers in a short period of time.
It\'s time for the industry to show its commitment to selling new charger phones.
Universal chargers will make life easier for consumers, reduce waste and benefit businesses.
This is a real win-win situation. win situation. \'The new Micro-
According to the global association of mobile communication systems, the USB charger will consume less standby energy than the current model (GSMA).
It is estimated that 51,000 tons of repeat chargers are manufactured each year, and universal chargers should eliminate this waste.
Consumers complain that most of the charges have been thrown away, resulting in unnecessary costs and waste.
More than 30 different chargers were in circulation in the European Union member states, with an estimated 51,000 Chargers not in use in 2009.
Jonathan Leggate, director of mobile phone comparison website top10.
Com said the move was long overdue but was still welcome.
He said: \"I think most Brits will admit that there is a drawer in the house full of extra cell phone chargers.
\"Now, no matter where you go, your phone is out of power and you can\'t get a compatible charger, it will be something of the past.
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