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zte mf971v lte cat6 mifi review other article from communications

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-21
Last year, we launched zte lte Cat6 MiFi MF970. In fact, ZTE also launched another LTE Cat6 MiFi. ™Many network providers around the world can use it.
Nevertheless™It\'s already an old mobile WiFi hotspot, and many people don\'t like it. ™I don\'t know this ZTE 4g Mobile Hotspot (
Its specifications and features.
Today, we will review the ZTE mf97 1 v LTE Mobile Hotspot.
ZTE\'s appearance looks very similar to ZTE\'s MF970 uFi (
There is a small LED screen in front.
ZTE\'s logo is on the left and the words LTE are on the other side.
On the top edge, there is a WPS button with a power button.
The external 4g antenna has a connector.
On the other side, there is also a connector for a 4g LTE antenna (
The USB port provides a SIM card slot.
ZTE MF971V can not be removed from the back cover, and Huawei E5786 (
But both ZTE\'s mf915v and Huawei\'s E5786 batteries are built in --in and non-removable.
ZTE mf97 1 v technical specifications and functions using LTE CatID 6 bandwidth technology (
Carrier Aggregation)
ZTE mf97 1 v can realize download speed of 300 mbps and upload speed of 50 mbps.
As a WiFi router (
ZTE mf97 1 v hotspot 4g can be connected simultaneously via WiFi up to 10 devices or a PC using a USB cable.
This makes ZTE mf271v ideal for use at home, with you on holidays, business meetings and long trips.
Where the range is weak, the external antenna can be connected to the device.
Another feature of the ZTE mf97 1 v WiFi router is the small size, modern design, clear display showing the current state of the battery, Wi-
The Fi network, the coverage of the cellular network and the SMS received. ÂThe built-
The 2300 mAh battery offers up to 500 hours of standby time and up to 11 hours of working mode.
ZTE mf97 1 v weighs about 100 grams.
Here we list the detailed general comments of ZTE MF971V: Â Support month 3g band: lte fdd B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17/12/20/28/TDD B38/40 (
FDD 2100/1900/1800/1700/850/2600/900/700/800 Mhz TDD 2600/2300 Mhz)
Carrier Aggregation: 4g lte band B3, B20, B3, b53 G band: DC-
HSPA/UMTS B1/B2/B5/b82 g band: GSM/GPRS/ed gewlan: 802.
11 B/g/n/ac, dual band 2.
Download up to 300 Mbit/s for 4 GHz and 5 GHzLTE 6 classes, upload to 50 Mbit/sDC-HSPA+DL (Download)up to 43. 2Mbps, UL (Upload)u p to 5.
76 MbpsOther features: 1 x SIM card slot-Micro SIM (12 x 15mm)
1 x micro USB connector for charging1 x 1. 44 TFT-
Built-in LCD power switch, menu switch, reset switch-
High gain antenna: 2300 mAh in LTE/UMTS/GSM and WLAN (
Maximum working 11 hours, maximum standby 500hr)
2 X TS9 external antenna connection max 32 wireless user operation: 0 to 35 dimensions: 104x65x14.
Weight: 101g (
Battery Included)
If you want to know more details about ZTE MF971 LTE-
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