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zoook zb solar muse solar-powered speaker review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-30
Zoook has always been known for its affordable Bluetooth speakers, and some of the products we have reviewed in the past include Zoook Rocker XL, and Zoook ZB Jazz shock wave Bluetooth.
These are in the middle. of-the-
So when we start testing its latest speaker, Zoook ZB Solar Muse, we expect more sound.
The Zoook ZB solar Museum has several unique gimmicks that may make your time worth it.
There is a small torch built into it that can be set to pulse at two different speeds, so you can use it as an emergency beacon in addition to emitting a stable beam of light.
The other is that there is a solar panel at the top of the speaker that can be used to charge the battery, although you can also charge it with a micro batteryUSB cable.
Zoook claims that the battery can provide 30 hours of playing time and 10 minutes of sunshine can give you 30 minutes of uninterrupted music.
In addition to this, Zoook ZB Solar Muse also features shockproof, rust-proof and waterproof features that sound like a perfect companion for traveling.
It has the official MRP of Rs.
8,000, but the current price is RS. 4,999 (
According to the company
Even lower online price)
It\'s still not cheap.
We took a closer look at Zoook ZB Solar Muse to see how it was measured and if you were really cost effective.
When the charging panel is at the top, the controls for Zoook ZB Solar Muse are on one side.
Design OK ZB solar muse the Design and specification of Zoook ZB solar Muse is a good-
Although its design is pretty general, it looks like it\'s talking.
This is a small black brick with a round edge and a non-
Removable rubber layer, forming an open wide grid on the front and back.
The same design can be seen on the side.
Five buttons are integrated into the pattern on the left.
The rubber buttons are less conspicuous and less tactile.
This looks good, but it\'s a minor annoyance from a functional point of view.
There are two small indicators above the button-one for Bluetooth, it flashes until connected, the other for battery, and the battery lights up when charging through the power cord or in the sun.
There is a small opening of the microphone under the button and a flashlight.
Press and hold the torch button to open it and press it again to start flashing or twice to change the speed.
Turn off the lights by pressing the third one.
There is only one small pull tag on the right, although it looks fragile.
There is a covered part at the back and it keeps 3.
5mm audio input and Micro
Protect the USB port.
Finally, the top of the speaker is the solar panel, which looks a lot like any other solar panel you \'ve ever seen.
Charging port and 3.
The 5mm jack on the back is protected by a rubber flap.
The speaker is 20 years old. 32cms long, 6.
High 6 cms, deep 6 cms.
It weighs 430 grams, which is not too much.
The driver has two 40mm drives with a frequency range of 100Hz to 18 KHz.
Zook declined to disclose the exact battery capacity or wattage rated by the speaker, but listen, obviously the battery (
It really lasted a long time)
It is a priority, not a speaker.
To test the speakers, we looked at the effectiveness of solar charging and the sound quality and volume it can provide.
For the former, we let the speakers play in a dark cabinet until we finally determined that the battery was running out and then took it out and charged it.
According to Zoook, 10 minutes in the sun should give you 30 minutes of play time, so we tried --
Charge for ten minutes, then put it back in the cabinet and start playing music.
The speaker actually lasted 10 to 15 minutes in three attempts, but there may be a lot of explanation for this --
The Sun on that day may not be bright enough, and the volume may be higher than what Zook used to test the speaker, and so on.
The key point is that you should not expect to get the claimed number in all cases. In actual day-to-
You are unlikely to run out of power every day.
The rooms we usually use to test the speakers have incandescent lamps, and they emit enough light to start charging the battery slowly.
Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, does not charge the speaker, so the job will not be done by tubeliight.
You need to be old.
Old-fashioned bulbs, or place the speakers in a sunny place.
In addition to the control, the microphone and flashlight are also on the side.
How about we test the speaker\'s sound with Bluetooth plugged into the auxiliary cable?
When you plug in the cable, the cable automatically selects the primary power supply.
We first tested the speaker using the MacBook Air and then paired it with the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 for Bluetooth playback.
We used some locally stored FLAC files and also tried streaming music from YouTube and Saavn.
The speakers are not very loud-
It\'s hard to fill a 300 square foot room and when you take it outdoors, the sound feels weak even at the maximum volume.
Solar charging can make it ideal for a picnic, as you don\'t have to worry about running out of batteries, but it may have less impact than you think.
What\'s worse, the sound is compressed.
Whatever you are listening to, twin drivers placed near each other do not help to get a good stereo effect.
The various sources we use don\'t sound different.
The quality when playing content from YouTube is more or less the same as when we play FLAC files from our hard drive, and Bluetooth is no different from wired connections.
In our test, we listened.
Heavy tracks from Hamilton and Miami hotlines.
Then we played a lot of random pop songs from our phones.
Sadly, it doesn\'t matter what we play --
The voice of the whole board is not bad.
No part on the track
Whether it\'s vocals, drums or other instruments
Really outstanding. At Rs.
5,000, the sound is not what you want, so the question is whether the solar charging feature is worth the purchase of this speaker.
The microphone means it can be used as a speaker and we tried to make a few calls with this device, but people complain that our voice sounds very weak and low.
After several attempts, we completely gave up the feature.
To make the speaker stronger, the entire speaker is covered with a rubber case.
The Verok ZB solar muse is not cheap, but it sounds like a speaker for about Rs. 1,500.
Brands like Logitech, Philips, JBL, and Creative all have models that sound better at roughly the same price, so if you\'re most concerned about sound quality, give Zoook ZB solar Muse a miss.
On the other hand, if you are tired of always needing to charge the speaker, then this may be the right choice for you.
We use our device for nearly two weeks, including several stretches that last for several hours for several days in a row, and not even inserting it at one time-ambient light keeps us going. Price (MRP): Rs.
8,000, the price is Rs.
4,999 in storesProsConsRatings (out of 5)
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