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Your Lexmark Printer Solutions

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-06
There was once a time when using any other printer than HP was a sin but these days you find more and more printers in the market that are much better in quality and running than HP. Lexmark printers is one of those companies that have really upped their game to compete in the printer market and I have to say I am impressed with the way these printers work with their easy interface and user friendly software. However, even these printers break down every once in a while am sometimes you need to repair them yourself mainly because you don't have a choice. You a report due in the morning and the IT tech is nowhere to be found so you need someone to fix the problem as soon as possible. Lexmark Printer Repair is not so difficult either compared to any other HP printer you would use. Some of the most common problems that we come across in the Lexmark printer is the loss of power. It is very common to have a faulty power cord with these printers so always have an extra lying around. Secondly check the power outlet in which the printer is installed, it doesn't matter if the printer is connected to the computer or not, the power light should still operate as long as the printer has direct power connection. Check the circuit breakers which sometimes switch off the power to a certain outlet. The next most common problem in Lexmark printers is when your printer doesn't print the documents you ask them too. This is either a connection problem or a software problem. Check the connection line to the computer and verify if the printer is receiving data from the computer, if your printer has a normal USB input then you can check the cable by using it on another device like a Digi Cam. This will help you determine of the data cable is working. Next you need to check of the driver software is working. Printers usually stop working because of outdated drivers or software updates. In this case it is best to re-install the original driver and use the printer like you would for the first time. Some printers are simply slow and work if you reboot the computer, this restarts the printer driver and upon discovery of pending jobs, they immediately start printing. Jammed paper and irregular printing also has a Lexmark printer repair solution. This happens when the paper you put in the computer has a lot of moisture in it. This causes problems and the best thing is to use new paper but let the printer dry out first like for 20 mins.
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