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you can take them with you

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-28
A few months ago, I filmed a clip of amazing innovation at IBM\'s Research Institute in Hawthorne, New York.
We didn\'t start shooting until our professional photographer ran out of tape.
We found another tape, but the camera ran out of power very quickly.
It can be said that this situation is a bit surprising.
After we packed that poor guy, our video now
The free tour of this amazing place continues.
We have a potential peak of the device, it will completely change the way the store operates
Daily display of goods.
I have to show this to my colleagues.
Luckily I have a beloved Casio 2 in my front pocket.
Digital EX-5 ouncesS3, the 3. 2-
Millions of pixel cameras that capture wonderful videos-lets.
\"Our recordings are good enough to be shared with our colleagues on CBS and the day was saved.
Now, I always have a digital camera in my hand.
Many new digital cameras have become so small that you hardly notice that you are carrying them.
The battery has been in use for so long now that you rarely need to charge them.
The digital memory card has become large enough that if you pay attention to what you are doing, you may go for a long time before you need to download the image.
Digital imaging software has been greatly improved, so it is very easy to download, archive, share and repair images.
So here are a few new digital cameras that we think you will like, and some software and storage hardware that you may find useful.
I must admit, as a digital camera nut, is my favorite \"Big\" digital camera the Canon digital 10 d eos I bought, so I can use all the great EOS lenses I \'ve collected over the years (Plus a decent 6.
3 megapixel sensor and rechargeable battery, usually for more than 500 shots! )
But for most wise people, the price of the camera body is over $1,000, which is a very large camera.
For rescue, Canon\'s new S500 Powershot is the newest member of the respected Digital Elph family.
This convenient super
The compact camera offers impressive 5-pixel sensors and decent 3x optical zoom.
The camera also recorded nice videos and sounds on a Compact Flash card.
The price is about $500 considering convenience, fashion and excellent image quality. Casio EX-
Z40i has always been impressed by Casio\'s cheap and ultra-high breakthrough series
Thin Exilim camera.
Casio did this again with the new 4 pixel EX
Z40, excellent battery performance
Life and 3x optical zoom lens.
These cameras are recorded on the SD card format I like because I can quickly display the images I took on my palm device.
This new Casio EX
Z40 is thinner than my favorite standby, front
The S3 mentioned above, but the extra width is mainly to enhance the role of the battery and the impressive zoom lens.
You got a lovely 1. 5\" x 1.
75 \"bright screen.
Casio promises that the new battery can take more than 340 images between charges, more than double the previous version.
When the model goes on sale at the end of April, the price will reach $399.
CBS News poll controversial police video massive power outage Hong Kong protesters Olympus Stylus 410 full
If you plan on going out this year, get this camera today.
This is the second generation of Olympus.
The weather camera means it doesn\'t mind being a little wet. It\'s a four-
Megapixel, metal
Little beauty who is small enough to go anywhere.
We tested our model on the slopes of Mount kelington, Vermont, and it took two days and the temperature reached a single digit. weather (
Very wet to read)skiing.
The camera is perfect for a ski jacket and can power on just by turning on the lens cover.
There are 10 shooting modes including video clips with sound.
The pictures we took were beautiful and the camera took all the abuse that our mediocre skiers could send out. Now, \"all-
\"Weather\" doesn\'t mean you can dive with this puppy.
This will cause a sensation, but don\'t try to shoot those tropical fish the next time you dive, you will be very sorry.
It retails for about $380, but you can find a price close to $300 with little effort.
Good investment.
For those with higher requirements, Canon has introduced a very interesting camera-the Powershot Pro1 digital camera.
Here is an 8-pixel camera with a built-in 28mm-wide zoom lens.
Canon is working on this \"L \"(read \"luxury\")
Lens, because it does clean the clock of other camerasin lenses.
Personally, for $999, I won\'t use the versatility of my EOS 10 D (
Where I can put on any damn shot of my choice)
\"Go all out\" quality for this Pro 1, but some features do make me jealous.
The camera has a rough feeling, but it is the opposite of clumsy. For one-
Operated manually, the camera has almost all the features of the more expensive \"professional\" Canon camera body.
For those of you who like mass strikes
Ups and who \"needs\" extra super-
This is an interesting choice.
The removable 2 inch screen seems to be showing a bit-offy over-
Works, but maybe I\'m just a bit bitter because my more expensive Canon camera doesn\'t have this feature?
Anyway, I have to admit that I only played with this Powershot Pro 1 for a couple of hours, during my brief time with this hot new hither --
I was deeply impressed by the terminal equipment . . . . . . But it\'s not the tipping point I\'m going to trade in the larger canon for 10 days.
Powershot Pro 1 will soon be available for around $999.
StorageOne one of the courses we are learning is that when it comes to digital cameras, you often pay for image quality and then pay again for the storage you need to implement it.
The price of getting more pixels from the camera is very clear.
Large-capacity Compact Flash memory, SD card, and even (as I also use)
IBM\'s cool micro-drive prices rose exponentially.
When budgeting for the camera, my wise friend and certified camera nut Tim Cooper generously suggested that you take the cost of the memory card and the cost of the camera into account. (
For example, I don\'t think it makes sense for any camera that takes more than 4 pixel images to get any less than 128 Meg cards. )
Tim added: \"When you\'re going to buy a digital camera, set it to the top --
Stick to the dollar budget.
This should allow the camera, extra storage space (
Manufacturer never, repeat never enough supply)
, If the camera is using the aa nimh battery, there is one or two additional batteries and chargers.
\"Tim insists that four pixels should be enough to satisfy that even the most discerning amateur photographer can\'t print photos larger than eight pixels. 5 \"x 11\" prints.
Better to take a more careful composition than to rely on more pixels and cropping to get good photos.
I don\'t fully agree with Tim, and I\'m glad I recorded my photos at the highest possible speed.
It\'s partly because I\'m not as good at composition as he is, and because, um, more, I\'m a picture pig.
To meet my data storage needs, I purchased a couple of 1 gb flash cards (
The best is by Sandisk and key)
Even now there is IBM\'s 4 gb micro hard drive.
The big bad boy, who sells for about $499, stores so many pictures that my camera can\'t tell me how many pictures are left, \"999 . . . . . . 999. . .
\"It keeps saying when I click to leave happily.
This gave me a bigger problem: after taking the image for a year, the disk space on my computer\'s hard drive was running out.
So when you fall into the crazy abyss of digital photographers, you will also be unstoppable to a moment where you don\'t have more space.
Also, if you \'ve been living more than 1 ms in the computer age, you should realize that not backing up your digital images guarantees that they will disappear faster than Raleigh\'s air express packages. (
It was an internal joke for my producer Bob, who almost cried after losing his lover . . . . . . This is the technology. )
Our solution is to store all the images on the mother instead of backing up the images on a cheap cd and then lose or scratchof-all-hard drives.
A few times a day, I introduce anyone who listens to my 300 Gig Maxtor external one touch Firewire and USB 2. 0 hard drive.
This is the answer to all your data storage needs . . . . . . As I said, Jerry manipulated six of them (
You can connect up to 64 of them! )
Almost two megabytes of memory.
Take me, doctor.
Two more things . . . . . . The last two things: for those who buy paper for our color printer, the good news is just around the corner.
Everyone at school knows that hammermill is the first name on the paper.
They have been making photo paper for many other companies and finally selling a lot of things at a considerable discount.
So this is a blessing.
Another cool development is that Krylon solved a problem I never realized: they made a protective sunscreen spray for your digital image.
With digital photography, you can print another picture at any time, which is true.
But if you give your precious image gift to someone and want to make sure they don\'t come back in a year, ask you to print it again.
New work by Krylon \"protect it!
\"It\'s a spray sprayed on a clear protector that makes the digital image look bright and new at least twice as long as there is no digital image.
Some other quick anecdotes to remind you: plan to get good digital archiving and operating software if you have a digital camera.
If you have a Mac, this is a No.
Obviously, iPhoto is
Separate organizer with cordial integration with other parts of the iLife suite.
For others who use the \"evil empire\" software (
You know, those bright \"windows)
, You will always thank me when you buy Adobe Photoshop Album 2 for $49.
0 . . . . . . We have reviewed this before.
One of the good things I have to say about Microsoft is that they did a really good job with the photo editing software \"Digital Image Suite 9.
\"I will still use Adobe Album to store and share images, but Microsoft\'s digital image suite is easier to use than other widely known photography software programs in Adobe, such as Photoshop, A little user-hostile.
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