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with z3, sony brings phones to us faster

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-24
Sony will launch the new waterproof Z3 waterproof smartphone through Verizon and T-Mobile.
After the phones were released at a trade show in Berlin last month, they began to hit American stores, as Sony stepped up its efforts to expand its tiny market share in the United States by entering the US market faster.
It took several months for its Z1 Z1 phone to arrive, and by that time it felt very old.
Earlier this year, Sony did not find an American wireless carrier for the Z2.
The Verizon phone was released on October 23, just a month away from Apple\'s new iphone and just a week away from Samsung\'s new Galaxy Note 4 launch on October 17.
Release date of T-
The mobile version has not yet been released. T-
The mobile phone is standard.
For Verizon models known as Z3v, Sony is increasing its ability to wirelessly charge the phone with optional accessories without the need to plug in a traditional USB cable.
This is a feature of many smartphones, but it is usually necessary to buy a special back cover on the charging accessories.
Although the two screens measure 13 cms diagonally, the sizes of these two models are slightly different.
Both versions allow people to play the Sony PlayStation 4 game on their phones on the porch or in another room away from the TV.
The mobile phone can withstand the water droplets in the swimming pool, there are 20.
7 megapixel camera, capable
High definition or 4 k.
The Verizon version will be sold for $200
Annual contract, $600. T-
Mobile phone prices have not been announced.
In the competitive smartphone market, Sony has experienced a difficult breakthrough.
Sony\'s market share is not even among the top five smartphone makers. In the trend-
Sony\'s position in the US market has been further affected.
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