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Wireless Industrial Joysticks For Industrial Sectors

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-07
A joystick is an input device that consists of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling. They act as a 'control column' to control a system as well as a machine. They often have many supplementary switches in them to control the other aspects of the machines. Generally they are controlled by the remote control technology and are mostly used these days. Joysticks are often used in industrial sectors to control machines such as cranes, trucks, and many other gigantic machines. By using the wireless industrial technology, nowadays, the manufacturers are designing some unique industrial radio joysticks for the engineering industry. These wireless industrial joysticks are used mainly for gigantic machines that require interference free operation. Depending on the requirement and purpose, the joystick may vary from each other. However the main technology used for it, is the same. These industrial joysticks are mainly developed for industrial applications requiring up to twelve radio remote control functions. They are even made with pressure sensitive devices that provide variable speed control of hydraulic operations. The high/low range selector of these devices allows for precision movement in tight quarters. Another chief aspect of the wireless industrial joysticks is that they include the split signal capability which allows combined boom movements like 'up and sideways' or 'extend and winch down'. You will find a trigger mounted 'on' switch in the joystick that must be squeezed before boom functions work. These industrial joysticks are made with high standard of radio remote control technology and they are designed for multi-directional industrial purposes. When used they will provide the reliability, selection, and quality you need. You may have any type of industrial applications; you will also find suitable joysticks for yourself. Sometimes, the industrial joysticks may include some optional features like micro switches, one, two, and three-axis versions, friction hold devices, and dust-proof rubber covers. The industrial joysticks can be mounted externally on your gigantic machines. They are constructed with IP67 rated, impact resistant polycarbonate material. The rugged polycarbonate enclosure ensures the safety and durability of the products. These devices also include an internal antenna to receive the signal. Optional coax and remote mount antenna are also available. These devices are pre-wired wiring connections in order to fit with OEM requirements. Quick connection plug is also available for additional requirement. They are designed with powerful transmitter having 100mw transmitter output. They can work with 902-928 MH frequency operation. Normally they can catch or send signals up to 2000 feet distance. You can also add external receiver antenna to get the highest range. They can be operated by three types of programs. One is pressure sensitive speed control method, and the other two are switch on/off process and switch press and hold options to operate the device. Wireless industrial joysticks can be controlled by normal 12/24 DC power supply. Optional 120Vac systems are also available with some joysticks. The battery has 30hrs of continuous use capacity. Low battery warning and LED indicator are also available with these systems. You can also charge up the battery and 12/24VDC truck charger is supplied with the devices.
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