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Wireless Industrial Emergency Shut Down System

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-07
Industrial wireless emergency shutdown system is generally used for gigantic machines and plants. It is used for ensuring an increased safety for service and operation staff. Generally in the gigantic machines stationary kill switches are used and they are mostly difficult to reach while working at or inside the machine. So, the wireless industrial emergency shutdown system can provide the immediate on-site shutdown by the service and operational staff. Emergency shutdown systems, that's why, so popular nowadays among the engineering fields. The system increases the safety during the world-wide service as well as maintenance visits regarding a safety shutdown. It works better during the time when communication due to the local language seems impossible. Apart from that this system can also be equipped with further switching functions in order to operate the machines by an industrial wireless remote control during the set up operations. As mentioned earlier, these remote emergency shutdown systems are designed specifically for industrial plants and they also eliminate the costly hard wiring of manual emergency shut-down switches. They can be installed easily and you can also install a number of radio transmitters units within a particular distance of a receiver control unit. If required, you can also use this system to work in conjunction with truck remote units. Emergency shutdown system is basically a safety data communication system that doesn't require any permission. It is suitable for the professional and safety relevant use in gigantic machines and plants. It also allows high functional reliability as well as large interference immunity and data security. It also offers different other features and characteristics. Such as: It provides full redundancy for all safety channels. It is controlled by a fully monitored emergency shutdown system. It allows the users to monitor the range between the transmitter and receiver. It allows passive triggering of the emergency shutdown in case of any malfunction. It ensures double evaluation of all data. Designed with microprocessor-controlled safety channels. Easy integration of the wireless Emergency shutdown system. The system is mainly designed with powerful transmitter that can catch the tiniest of signals and can work even in a wide range. The transmitter devices are low-voltage intrinsically safe units and they are suitable for use even in hazardous environments. The transmitter can be controlled with a normal 12/24 volts DC or 120 Volts AC power supply. The batteries will last three-four years and they have a test feature including a low battery alarm. The batteries can be charged and generally charger is supplied with the products. The industrial wireless emergency shutdown system is made with rugged non-sparking cast aluminum and it is fully sealed against extreme weather and temperature conditions. The emergency shutdown system is completely independent from your machine's other communications and computer equipment. It Keeps this system independent from other system failures is critical to providing fail-safe, emergency shutdown functionality. This product can be easily obtained from the manufacturers with warranty; actuators are generally supplied with the products.
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