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Wireless Headphones with Many Features

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-08
When you consider best headphones Sennheiser is what you go for.When you are looking for ease of use, wireless connectivity and trendy design the Sennheiser Wireless RS 130 Headphones are the frontrunner.Nothing gaudy around its metallic mesh screen. Simple features like tuning, volume and the power on/off complete its outer looks.It is devoid of a power indicator. A trim base for this headphone which has a round metal rod keeps it straight.The main metal rod is made up of further two metal rods. A plastic piece keeps these two rods divided. These two are the part that charge the headphone as it is placed on the base. As for transmission channels a switch placed on the base allows up to three channels. User is allowed to set the best channel that is his favorite.At the same time when this is not wanted the user may choose not to apply it moving the SRS knob to off position.Just looking at the indicators on the base you will know the position of SRS, power and charge.The three pads created with soft foam with a metal strip inside cover the headband. When the strip comes in contact with the charger on the base the headphone starts charging. It already comes with rechargeable batteries and requires AAA size 2 batteries. This makes it less heavy and longer running time is guaranteed.Pads placed on ears are very pleasing. It is bound to be with soft foam surrounding it and the foam wrapped with a cloth.Connecting to a computer or another device with a stereo jack of 3.5 mm, the task is made easy by a mini adapter that is provided with this. While a wall placed power supply charges it. RCA connectors and audio cable can be fitted easily into the base. Reading manuals it is very simple to assemble the headphone.Solving basic technical problems is quite easy with the help of manual. Attractive equipment that will certainly enhance beauty of any office desk.
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