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Wireless Deadman Series Industrial Remote Control Systems

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-09
Remote control technology has successfully implemented in the world of aircraft refueling too. Deadman series industrial remote control systems are developed specifically for all types of industrial applications that require positive operator-to-machine contact. Today, these modern industrial remote control systems are even implemented in Aircraft Refueling Systems too. In these types of modern Aircraft Refueling Systems a wireless trigger-switch is generally used to send RF command signals to the pump. While using the system the operator is unencumbered by cables and wires normally used in 'deadman' fueling operations. These systems also incorporate a secure frequency hopping, spread-spectrum radio link that is virtually immune to outside electrical or RF interference. The frequency hopping spread spectrum signal keeps the operations fail safe (shutdown) during any loss of signal from transmitter. The rechargeable transmitter of the 'Deadman' series fueling controls delivers 30hrs of continuous use between charges. 12/24VDC charger is also supplied. Here are some important features of the Deadman Series Industrial Remote Control Systems: Here are some examples of Additional control buttons used in Aircraft Refueling: Hose Reel: The Hose Reel option is the most important part of the Aircraft Refueling System. It actually allows the remote Unwind and/or Rewind control greatly reducing effort required to pull the hose off the reel. By using the system the operator can reduce all types of potential injury and productivity is increased through easier hose handling. These Hose Reel Controls are easy to install. Prewired hose reel motor solenoids and 70Amp breaker is also available with this option. The system is designed in a unique way that prevents Unwind and Rewind circuits from being energized at the same time. PTO/PUMP: PTO or PUMP option actually extends pump life and increases safety by allowing operator to engage and disengage the PTO and PUMP from hose end at customer's storage tank. The PTO connection can be electric, pneumatic, 'hot shift' or 'clutch shift'. Remote PTO DELAY is really essential for the Automatic Refueling Device as this option automatically opens tank internal valve 5 seconds prior to engaging PTO allowing pump and product lines to equalize pressure. Engine RPM/Throttle: This allows operator to increase/ decrease truck engine RPM and corresponding pump volume from the customers tank/ hose-end of the delivery. Enable: Enable option can be specified to create a 'two-step' process for activating certain buttons to further prevent unintended button operation. Emergency Stop: E-Stop feature closes all tank valves, and kills the truck engine and pump.
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