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Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 17/5/2014 (1856 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
When you use a set of keyboards, the keyboard becomes a universal remote device.
Top box like Apple TV or Roku, you are forced to enter the tedious process of entering your username and password with the remote control, scrolling one letter at a time.
Logitech\'s Harmony Smart Keyboard provides a universal remote control for streaming media for your system.
The smart keyboard functions as a control center.
Use it like any other keyboard, although it takes only a few minutes to use it, because you basically use it as a remote control.
All the keys you expect are there with letters and numbers at the top.
The trackpad replaces the digital keyboard on the right.
The center of harmony is also included. it is the brain of the system.
It takes a signal from the keyboard and converts it to a wireless command (
Bluetooth, IR or Wi-Fi)
Your existing device is understandable.
The center supports more than 225,000 devices, including programming services such as Netflix and Hulu on devices such as Apple TV, Xbox or PS3.
The Harmony app makes your iOS or Android smartphone your personal favorites and entertainment remote control for up to 50 of your favorite channels.
Since I\'m not a gamer, I\'m almost locked up by DIRECTV and Apple TV.
So I tested the keyboard system with my Apple TV and it was as simple as advertised.
A big advantage of Logitech is the company\'s technical support, which is on the page of the Smart Keyboard.
This includes videos about settings, forums, and knowledge bases. Details: $149. 99, www. logitech.
The coma bulb never made a sound, so goodI saw a demo of AwoX Striimlight B
Earlier this year, there were 10 bulbs and Bluetooth speakers at a trade show, but it would be cool to try it out with my own music in my own house.
Just screw the LED bulb to any light and you have the speaker light now.
Multi-functional, ecological
The friendly LED bulb is only 9 cm in diameter and has an integrated Bluetooth speaker in the center.
Speaker specifications: 10 watts, 8 ohms (
Range: 200Hz to 20000Hz).
Including remote control lights (on/off/dimming)
Along with the speaker volume.
Settings include screwing into the bulb (
Standard E26 or E27 Socket)
Then pair the speakers with any Bluetooth enabled speakers-device. As for long-
Long lasting LED lighting, 110-240v —
An incandescent lamp equivalent to 40 w.
Details: $99, www. awox.
ComJabra does this again. I have reviewed many of Jabra\'s products and each one is great.
So I\'m sure these earplugs won\'t make any difference.
I opened Jabra Rox wireless this week (Bluetooth 4. 0)earbuds.
Just like the above speakers in the bulb, you just have to pair and play your music.
The speaker is on three lines at both ends.
The button remote control integrated into the cable.
Built-in speaker-
In magnets, enable them to connect and close, or separate and reopen. An omni-
Directional microphones with noise filters are also built into wireless headsetsfree calling.
There is a USB charging port and a battery status indicator on the left ear.
You will get a bunch of different sizes of ear tips to get the right fit with the suitcase. Details: $129.
99 black or white, www. jabra. comTwitter.
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