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Why Seven Functions do Not Appear in Apple iPhone5

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-10
I'm surprised there are so many people wish list sent to me by email, told I would like to see what new content iPhone5. OK, although I don't want to say that, I'm not an Apple company iPhone5 product owner (in charge of doing the product must have a lot of fun), I'm not wishing tree. However, look at people on the function and design of the next-generation iPhone expected will be very interesting. Problem is that so many of these aspirations will never achieve--I mean never, can never be achieved. Here is iPhone mobile phone users desire 7 items will not appear in the list. Micro SD card support features If you banged into the iPhone mobile phone into a SD card, and greater memory is not very cool? Yes! Problem is that never happened, because the Apple store capacity will distinguish between the different types of products. Apple also makes money by selling storage space at high prices. For example, Apple purchased 16GBNAND Flash memory costs $ 19, and the purchase of us $ 79 64GB NAND Flash. However, Apple charges for the extra storage capacity, which was striking more than 200 US dollars. In my opinion, though Apple iPhone5 does not have these functions, iPhone fans still want to buy it, now they have bought many iphone accessories on best case mall, such as cool iphone cases, bling iphone cases, stylish iphone cases and so on. In short, if Apple iPhone5 adds SD card support features, users will buy the cheapest storage space for 16GB iPhone mobile phone, plus a SD card. USB support If Apple broke the smooth lines of the iPhone mobile phone and add the USB support, people will once again extend a warm welcome. Whether out of an adapter cable, or simply replaced with a USB port, or adding an indirect USB support, you can allow these people to cheer. No way! This will not happen. There are many reasons, but mainly because the addition of a USB port will bring Apple to a situation--it will be forced to support a wide variety of old hardware, from the storage device to the printing equipment.Apple does not do so. Flash support Does this saying? Of course it will not happen. Apple hates Flash, iOS systems will not be asking for trouble. Soft screen I know Samsung flexible OLED display, but exhausted all my life also can't figure out how this applies to iPhone mobile phones. You can come up with a flexible screen, but the future of the iPhone mobile phones will remain 'perseverance'. Even if it is said that flexible OLED display more durable, will not waver, I in no way, because future iPhon cell phone must be equally durable. 3D camera In fact, Apple does have a-d camera patents, but it seems that such an edge technology in mainstream products like the iPhone mobile phone, which does not make sense. Why do you want to add a feature that most people will never need to price increases or reduced profit margins? 3D display Yes, Apple should add a 3D display to the iPhone mobile phone, because we all want to get dizzy feeling when watching 3D screen! When you have a fantastic screen like the iPhone mobile phone, it is difficult to imagine why some people want to use 3D destroy it. Hanging holes To tell you the truth, people have wanted a hanging hole. I'm not kidding. Cast a glance my mailbox will find this requirement more markets than the 3D display and 3D cameras. I secretly suspect made the request of the past all the other an iPhone mobile, and had to change to a heartache. This will never happen. Why is that? Because Apple wants you to remove the hands the iPhone mobile phone, so you have to pay another. You may interested on: unique iphone cases
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