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Which HTC Aria Accessories Are Right For You?

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-08
Have you recently purchased a new HTC Aria phone and wondered what accessories are available to make your experience the best that it can be? The Aria is one of the hottest phones released by HTC to date, so there are plenty of aftermarket HTC Aria accessories that are available to keep your phone protected as well as provide better battery life should you need it. Cases & Screen Protectors One of the first things you'll want to do is get a new case and screen protector for your phone. Most of the cases that are sold on the market today come with a screen protector in the default case, but these protectors can leave a greasy film on your case, as well as force your finger to leave more prints than you would see if the phone was not protected. This is because low quality plastics that retain finger oil are used for these. Quality screen protectors are available at a marginal cost that will keep finger oil off of your screen and allow you to use your phone without worry of breaking the device. The type of case you purchase will have an effect on how well your device performs. Otterboxes are popular cases for most phones because they fit the phone well and provide moderate protection depending on whether or not you purchase the Impact or the Defender series of cases. Both series are available for the HTC Aria, so deciding on the amount of protection you want for your phone should depend on how abusive you are with the device. Extended Batteries Extended batteries are a great way to get extra life out of your phone if you find yourself having to charge it more than once per day. The typical smartphone battery only lasts for eight hours under heavy use, and the HTC Aria is no exception. For that reason you can find many after market batteries that offer twice the charging capacity of the stock battery that is included. The only downside to using after-market batteries that are designed to give you extra charging power is that many of them increase the thickness of the phone, rendering cases and such unusable. If you're heavy on your phone and feel like you need a case, then you will probably want to skip the extended life battery unless you can find one that doesn't increase the thickness of your phone. Any Transformers fan? Maybe you don't want to miss the talking Transformers coin bank. When you insert a coin into the slot or just press the logo on the helmet, you could hear 4 kinds of original character voices and see its eyes light up. Isn't it amazing? Chargers & Bluetooth Headsets Chargers are used every day and may not stand up to the wear and tear of repeated use. Several aftermarket chargers are available for less than what you would pay for a factory replacement and they work just as well. Some even include the converter that allows you to have a wall charger from your USB charging cable. For those who are on the go, mobile chargers are available as well. These HTC Aria accessories usually occupy the cigarette lighter in a car and are designed so that you can charge your phone while you drive. Pairing a mobile charger with a phone dock for your car will allow you to use the phone hands free while it is charging which is great if you simply can't do without your phone and want to remain safe while you're on the road.
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