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Where is the iPhone 4s Car Charger?

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-11
iPhone 4s has been on the market for a few days. However, as for our apple fans, an iPhone 4s is not enough, we need also some spare parts just like iPhone 4. Micro USB Car Charger For iPhone4 iPhone4S iPod with Sync Cable Do you know the average American spends 90 minutes a day driving on the way to work? That's a lot of time to spend in your car. It is always boring when you are in a car and your phone is power off. Being on the road for a long time is bound to take a toll on your phone, and when there's nowhere to stop to recharge your phone (you'd obviously need a hotel for that) your only alternative is to charge it while on the go. iPhone 4s is amazing, it makes our life more easier again. However, as for a new product, the car charger for iPhone 4s is really rare to find it. Now we finally find it. This one called: Micro USB Car Charger For iPhone4 iPhone4S iPod with Sync Cable. It doesn't matter if your car is domestic or imported. The charger's slim, stylish adapter fits perfectly in any vehicle, delivering 12-24 volts. Conclusion: The car charger brings many advantages to users. It gives you the ability to keep yourself entertained on long drives with a fully charged MP3 player while also being able to keep your cell phone ready for that next business call. You can even keep your GPS device ready and working while reviewing important voice notes off of your phone before your next meeting. Likewise, this dual port USB car charger provides you with a tool to help save space in the precious area surrounding your dash. The compact size of the product ensures that you can drive safely while keeping your devices fully powered. Sophia from Features and Specifications Micro USB Car Charger For iPhone iPod with Sync Cable Compatible with: Package included:
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