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Where Can You Buy a Kindle eReader?

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-11
So many people rushed out and purchased a Amazon Kindle last year. With this year coming to an end, people are still out buying these devices like hot cakes. The latest Kindle 3 which comes with 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities couldn't be more popular amongst reading enthusiasts because of its ease to use and one's ability to access hundreds of different eBooks no matter where they are from it. The Kindle book store features in excess of 600,000 eBooks. It also has magazines and newspapers for those looking for that kind of medium. Using the Kindle 3 is an experience your sure to enjoy, as Amazon has successfully stuck to its primary goal, which is to maintain an excellent reading experience, with all frills left aside. The display uses e-ink technology, like the others, which makes the screen appear paper-like in appearance. The light weight and size of this device makes it easy for you to hold in a single hand and read whatever you fancy for hours, without it causing any strain to your hands or eyes. Weighing considerable less than your average paperback, the Kindle gives users the ability to access 1000s of books without having to physically carry them around. The price of the Kindle 3 with Wi-Fi is around $150, and can be purchased at Amazon. There is also the Kindle 3GFi version which costs close to $200. Inside the box, you will also get a book cover, USB cable, and power adapter. If you're an Amazon Prime account holder, then shipping will be free for you. The battery life of the Kindle has always been a strong point. However, with the Kindle 3, you can expect the device to last in excess of 4 weeks after a single charge (without Wi-Fi) and 3 weeks when using Wi-Fi. Fortunately this device is available to purchase at a number of leading stores, for those of you who are a little apprehensive about buying through an ecommerce site. You can also purchase stock accessories such as simple covers, battery replacements, screen protectors and backlights. The price at these stores is pretty similar to what you+IBk-d get at Amazon. Many of these top stores tend to have special offers during the holiday period, so be sure to look out for them. You can also purchase a Kindle through eBay, but expect the price to be inflated somewhat. Accessories are priced fairly competitively, so that may be something you+IBk-d want to consider.
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