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When to use your blaZt cable and software

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-11
'The question is often asked - 'what do you use the cable for?' The blaZt cable has many uses, all of which are simple to use: - Fault finding a. Download fault codes b. Check any engine sensor for valid data c. Log data while driving for faults d. Change temperature of engine for cold start faults e. Basic adjustment of timing and fuel for fault finding f. Turn of cylinders individually to check the power of each cylinder a. Isolate some sensors b. Check that maximum values are not reached - Basic tuning aid c. Turn of fuel pump to change fuel filter d. Use as reference for adjusting spark timing e. Use as voltage reference to adjust throttle position sensor f. Reset the self learn feature when you have finished - Performance test a. Speed trial testing. Choose any start and stop speed and check for accurate times b. Data log power runs and measure peak parameters with log viewer - Health check a. Check the health of the O2 sensors b. Turn of cylinders individually to check the power of each cylinder c. Monitor the temperature accurately while driving d. Perform power balancing checks for each cylinder e. Check any sensor response times with playback feature Please visit to purchase your cable and software. Every Nissan owner should have one. '
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