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when samsung gets going!

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-30
Samsung has been facing huge competition recently, mainly due to increased stakes in Chinese mobile phones and other manufacturers such as HTC.
On top of that, there has been constant criticism of refusing buyers the opportunity to start with non-buyers
The sound of plastic phones will only get bigger and bigger.
So, Samsung-a-
It\'s time for them to address these concerns.
It is commendable that they are trying to solve both in one step.
Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy A3 in response to competition and demand for high-end phones.
The one-in-one structure of the phone will definitely turn around, and it doesn\'t look lazy.
Let\'s take a look at how many promises this new phone carries.
Samsung may wake up from the old motto \"first impression is the last impression.
Choosing to use unibody building this time, the premium for mobile phones will definitely be impressive.
The size of the phone is 130x65. 5 x 6.
The weight of 9mm is only 110 grams.
This is one of the thinnest phones made by Samsung.
Size also means the phone is very easy for single hand operation.
The Galaxy A3 has a metal trim around the frame, around the speakers and around the camera lens.
The matte finish back panel ensures the user a good grip on the device.
The volume rocker and power key also have a metal finish.
The volume rocker is on the left side and the power button is on the right side of the phone.
The MicroSD and NanoSIM slots are also located on the right.
The tricky thing is that the user has to choose whether to use the secondary slot for the second SIM or the microSD card slot.
This is because the second slot can be used as either a microSD card slot or a second SIM card slot.
The bottom of the phone is equipped with micro USB ports and 3. 5mm audio jack.
Samsung did a very impressive job of building phones, and there is no doubt which part of the company is targeting buyers.
The overall feeling of the phone is the feeling of the high-end device, whether you are dealing with it or looking at it.
The Galaxy A3 comes with 4. 5-
Inch Super AMOLED screen with QHD resolution.
From the precise details, the resolution is 540x960 pixels and the pixel density is 245ppi.
The presentation is certainly not the most important, but it is still very good.
The brightness on the Galaxy A3 covers the qHD display well.
The color is saturated.
The display provides a good contrast and a good viewing angle.
The readability of the Sun is particularly impressive.
The display of the Galaxy a3 is actually very powerful and should not make the user feel high.
The configuration of this phone is impressive.
Powered by a quad core Cortex A53 CPU with a CPU clock of 1.
2 Ghz, the phone is assisted by the Adreno 306 GPU.
The memory given to their company is 1 gb.
The phone is a future-oriented app because it features a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 chipset.
Interestingly, Samsung Galaxy A3 has the same chipset as its brother Galaxy a5.
This should be good for the phone, as users who want a powerful phone with a controlled screen size will definitely notice.
The performance of this phone is very good and satisfactory.
The phone does not have any problems starting or closing the app.
The Olympic games went well.
It is worth mentioning, however, that the performance of the speaker is average.
The Galaxy A3 comes with 8 gb or 16 gb on-board storage.
Users can further expand memory to 64 gb via microSD.
This phone comes with Bluetooth 4. 0, Wi-
0 features of the connection option.
There is an infrared transmitter in the phone, but it may come in handy, but not something worth thinking about.
In terms of sensors, the phone is equipped with magnetic sensors, proximity sensors, accelerometer and gyro.
The phone is also equipped with FM radio and ant technology.
The latter allows the user to pair the phone with the selected fitness accessories as an additional feature.
There is no LTE option for the Indian version, which is certainly disappointing.
The Galaxy A3 is equipped with Android 4. 4.
4 Kitkat out of the box with Samsung\'s touchwiz installed on top.
This is a very good news for most users, that is, this time, a theme that supports the look and feel of a custom mobile operating system.
The theme provides a custom feel by adjusting the sound, color theme, and icon set.
Samsung does not provide a shortcut to complete all the switches. (
However, switching can be re-ordered).
Google Play Store also has companies in the form of the Galaxy store.
Samsung has now added its own Galaxy app to the mix.
When it comes to apps, app drawers can be arranged alphabetically or in custom views.
People can also hide applications that are not often used.
Another inspired feature seems to be the sync option that internet web browsers now offer.
Like the chrome browser, users can bookmark and browse history through the Samsung account port.
The messaging app is getting a worthy revamp.
The most interesting thing is the delay function that allows the user to be in 3-30 seconds.
People can also program or arrange automatic messages to be sent.
Samsung has included a built-in
This is a good inclusion in the file browser.
There is also spam protection, which protects messages containing specific phrases or entire messages from being attacked by a specified number.
The document viewer is pre-
Installation of faucet.
Samsung decided to install an 8-pixel shooter on the back of the phone with an LED flash and a 5-pixel front camera.
The rear camera stands out slightly, which will shake the phone a little when placed on a flat surface.
The 8 megapixels did a pretty good job taking pictures.
The image is of good quality and accurate color capture.
Camera performance could have been better since there would have been slight noise even when used during the day.
As expected, this is very obvious during the low light use of the camera.
The video of 1080 p is very clear and smooth to play.
The color is accurate and the camera on the front side also has its own 1080 p video.
The camera app offers settings such as ISO, exposure, and white balance.
Available modes include HDR, Panorama, night mode, continuous shooting, animated GIF, rear camera selfie and beauty face.
There are phones, chargers and user guides in the phone box.
The box also contains data lines if a single SIM variant is selected.
This phone has Pearl White, platinum silver, soft pink, light blue, Midnight Black and champagne gold.
This phone comes with a 1,900 mAh Li-
Ion batteries for non-batteriesremovable.
Unibody structure has an impact on removable battery pack options, but those that value the non-
The taste of plastic should be a simple deal.
According to the company\'s estimate, the phone can easily talk for 13 hours with only one charge, which means that users can easily manage the day value of the phone in normal to heavy use mode.
The Galaxy A3 is a powerful phone that shouldn\'t make users complain too much.
Samsung should solve few areas for 20,500 rupees in mobile phones.
The absence of a qHD display and Gorilla Glass layer is unthinkable in today\'s time. The non-
The removable battery does not cause too much trouble to the user, but the final score does get hit.
The camera can be cut.
The lack of LTE in the Indian market is another pain point.
But no one can deny excellent manufacturing quality, and it is a pleasure for mobile phones to handle quickly when operating.
Considering the flaws and advantages of this phone, Samsung should consider bringing this phone to the price range of Rs 1617k.
Otherwise, the phone will face fierce competition from Samsung\'s own Galaxy S4, and the HTC 820 is not strong enough.
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