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What's New With Blu Cigs

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-08
What was once advised by doctors and heavily advertised, the popularity and acceptance of tobacco cigarette cigarette smoking has gone down to the point the place it is not socially acceptable. Even though one corporation in particular, blu Cigs, has offered an alternative to the way people smoke. The electronic cigarette was concieved in 1963, but not devoloped until 2003. Since then blu Cigs has been constantly enhancing their e-cigarettes. currently they came out with a pack you can location your e-cigarettes in that allows them to charge on the go, and it's even sexy, sporting a blue logo that lights up, giving this exceptional product a nice high-tech look. This pack will hold five cartridges, comes with two batteries, a wall charger, a USB charger (so you can charge from your laptop), and one five-pack of your alternative of cartridges. To know more about this please go to The electronic cigarette works by attaching your cartridge, in your alternative of flavor and strength, to the e-cigarette battery compartment and inhaling as you would a normal tobacco cigarette. The atomizer inside will create a vapor that you inhale as you would normally smoke, while the blue tip lights up as if it was really lit. This vapor does in fact contain nicotine and you will get that calming sensing as you would with a normal cigarette, without the bad odor and nasty looks you get from people close by, or when you come back into the office from a smoke bust. I know if you are a smoker you know what I am talking about. Blu Cigs have many different types of flavors for your e-cigarette, including Cherry Crush, magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Classic Tobacco, Vivid Vanilla, and other seasonal and built flavors to give you many different options and keep you from obtaining bored. These flavors come in two strengths, premium and original. Another something new blu Cigs have done in their current redesign was combine the atomizer with the cartridge. That way every single time you alter a flavored cartridge, you get a nice fresh atomizer ready to use like new! Each cartridge is designed to give you about 250 puffs, just about equal to a full pack of cigarettes. The blu Premium 100 model of cartridges will give you more puffs, upwards to around 320 puffs. blu Cigs has also softened the tips a little to give you a more authentic cigarette feel, just like the filter on regular tobacco cigarettes. To know more about this please go to The blu Cigs electronic cigarette comes from the factory with a fourty % (40%) battery charge giving you the opportunity start enjoying your new way of cigarette smoking immediately. Even though it is advised to fully charge the exceptional blu Cigs carrying case and charger, along with the batteries in all your new e-cigarettes. You will know when it is time to charge your electronic cigarette because the blue tip will start blinking. Then simply location it back into the charging pack and pull out a new freshly charged e-cig, attach your flavor and start enjoying your new, non offensive way to smoke.
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