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what is mhl, exactly, and how does it work with your tv?

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-10
Thanks to Google Chromecastand\'s range of other excellent streaming options, wireless streaming from mobile to TV has become as simple as ever.
But if you\'re looking for something with more options, you might want to take advantage of a bit --
Famous technology calledMHL.
Connecting the phone directly through HDMI to the display using the MHL connection is not as convenient as wireless casting or mirroring, but for various reasons this is still an attractive option.
The problem is that many people don\'t even know the existence of this technology.
For those of you who want to figure out what these three gadgets actually do on the HDMI input of your TV or A/V receiver, we are here to list it for you.
All the basics of MHL are described below so that you can make the most of the technology and its features.
Now, let\'s send all the coolest things on your phone to your TV --the old-fashioned way.
Note: before you order your MHL device online, check if you can mirror your smartphone to your TV using the device already in your home. What is MHL?
In 2010, a series of electronics companies, including Sony and Nokia, developed MHL connection protocols.
Short for mobile high matching
Defining the link, MHL uses a special type of HDMI input on compatible TVs and a/V receivers to connect more and more smartphones, tablets and other devices.
The standard takes smartphone and tablet content to a new level, allowing you to display everything on your phone via a connection to your TV.
With the popularity of the wireless screen mirroring method, MHL is no longer favored by many manufacturers, but you can still find a large number of TVs that support it.
How do I use MHL?
The most common way to connect for most people is to use the MHL adapter (
As shown below)
, It consists of a male micro USB plug on an endanda female HDMI port.
If your phone carries a micro USB port, all you need to do is connect the MHL adapter to your phone and run the HDMI cable from the adapter to the MHL-
HDMI port enabled on TV (
The correct port will be marked \"MHL \")
You\'re ready.
If you do not have a micro USB port installed on your phone or tablet, you will also need another adapter, which we will discuss in detail in the section below.
When MHL first started up, an adapter like the one home above was the main way to take advantage of the technology.
However, there are a lot of different cables that support MHL, including directMicro USB-to-HDMI cables.
The next step is to simply plug in a compatible device to display all apps, games, movies, photos and music on your TV with a resolution of 4 k Ultra HD (and above).
Does my device work with MHL?
If you are investigating MHL, you should make sure your device and monitor are compatible with the protocol by checking the official MHL websitefound here —
Complete list of supported devices.
If your display device is not in the list, please do not purchase the MHL adapter-
It does not work.
If your display device is in the list, but your mobile device is not in the list, there are other ways to connect.
If you are an Apple enthusiast, your iPhone or ipad does not have the correct output of the above default MHL adapter or cable.
Fortunately, there are workarounds;
Any device with a connection port (
Most newer iOS products are available)
It can be used with one of the adapters here.
You can then connect to the anMHL adapter, as shown above, or to the HDMI cable.
Newer Android phones have USB Type-
C port, not micro USB;
They need a third.
You can also use the party adapter of MHL.
Also, some compatible Samsung phones need to be different (11-pin)
Adapter, default (five-pin)
The adapter interface is incorrect.
Like Apple\'s product, there\'s a third one.
Direct connection of these devices.
Note, however, that these don\'t charge your phone the way standard MHL does, and they can be very unreliable (
It\'s hard for us to find anyone with positive rating scores).
I accidentally bought a micro HDMI-
The model of the cable is wrong. Why use MHL? Great question!
As mentioned earlier, there are several wireless ways to mirror the mobile device to a larger screen;
For example, Apple plays AirPlay for iphone and ipad, or Miracast for Android devices.
Of course, Google\'s Chromecast lets you transfer video and audio from multiple apps.
These methods do not always provide the same level of video and sound quality as MHL, but wireless connectivity is more convenient for many applications.
In some cases, though, MHL will come in handy.
For example, the system is especially useful for people who don\'t have wired or internet.
In this case (
Let\'s say the game or movie is loaded directly on your phone)
Basically, MHL turns your phone and TV into a complete one
Entertainment center without WiFiFi required.
There are several other agreements-
MHL may be worth the specific benefits of a visit.
First of all, the MHL connection has the convenience of transmitting control data, which basically means that the remote control of the control display can also control the connected device.
MHL connection also provides zero latency for mobile gamers
Show your device free of charge on TV during the most stringent games.
When displaying the content, the cable also charges up to 40 w for mobile devices without any subsequent delay.
Where else can I use MHL?
As we are sure, the most useful feature of MHL is to send data from asmartphone or tablet to a compatible TV or a/V receiver lag-free.
But MHL also allows you to plug your smartphone or tablet into a car-compatible infotainment system, as well as a compatible computer monitor in your home or workplace.
By inserting a phone or tablet into a car with an HDMI input (
Or use some adapters for review-rig a setup)
You will be able to use-to-the-
The second traffic report, charge your device to and from work, access your personal music library.
The system can easily access all the content on the phone through the touch screen through the information entertainment center.
Similarly, plugging a smartphone or tablet into a compatible computer monitor can turn your device into a workstation and you can pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to create one (semi)
Mini office.
How much does MHL cost?
Another reason why MHL is a viable option is that the adapter won\'t let you lose one arm and one leg.
$9 (or less)
Even though you still need a long HDMI cable
For example, this one from Monoprice costs $12. 13 or so —
Unless you want to stand by the TV all the time.
Depending on the adapter or cable you need, the cost of setting up with MHL ranges from $10 to $40, which is very affordable no matter how you slice. That\'s how you left.
Now you are ready to go down with MHL.
Time to start streaming to this TV, delay-free!
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