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What Can an Interest Bring Me?

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-13
What is an interest for? Some people think it can kill time when feeling bored while a few hold that a good interest helps make friends. I regard my interests as my friends, who can accompany me when I feel lonely, enrich my relevant knowledge, broaden my horizon and bring enough happiness and satisfaction every time. When speaking of my interests, I can talk about for a whole day with you. I like collecting gismos. There are wide selections of different gismos in my room, some of which have been there for 10 years. This time I would like to show three of them with you, and hope it would make you refresh. One is a thumb drive that looks with the shape and design of concrete made by a college student from China. The reason why I collected is it weighs the exact grams which is also its capacity. The first time I showed it off in front of my friends, none of them got it is one of the latest and featured usb sticks. Surely, who can figure out making a tech product design with the idea of concrete? It is said that the original concept for the design is that the disk not only records digital data but also everything else experienced. The abstract digital data becomes a unique memory chip through analogue recording. The second is a jean. Yes, it is a jean, but not any jean you have seen before. As you know, regular jeans are always with regular pockets that have proven to be deficient in carrying usb sticks. However, this unusual jean do have a special function to keep iPhones, iPod Touches, which can be safely contained in the micro-fiber insulated pocket and has been measured and cut just the exact size so it doesn't move about or bump up against your set of keys like it's a buxom girl at an R&B night. There's also a special hidden pocket for a USB stick-though as I usually carry around at least five in my handbag, along with a micro and mini USB cable, I think I'd need a few more pockets added. The third one is a music t-shirt. Have you seen this type of t-shirt before? Check this out when you feel your life is tedious and uninteresting or even jokes, songs, dramas, movies and television cannot cheer you up anymore. The music t-shirt is an amazing new wearable audio solution that features a working speaker embedded into the front of the t-shirt. When you push the appropriate button on the pocketable remote you get music or sound effects from drum roll, to cat call whistle or western showdown for any situation. It is easy to simply pop in your own SD memory card loaded with MP3 files to use your own sound effects and music. If you cannot find this t-shirt in your local stores, you'd better search it online or go to wholesale electronics markets. Do you have special collections just like mine? Can you share them with us?
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