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by:ShunXinda      2019-08-20
With so many electronic devices today, you really have to understand the devices you have and how the USB cable is used.USB cables change the way we look at technology, mainly because you don\'t need to be as careful about them as you used to do with cables and ports.Since the use of these cables is very common, it is difficult to know which cables you need, but in most cases the adapter can easily solve your power supply problem.
Almost all USB cables have two sides.
One side is mouth A and the other is mouth B.Port A is the power port, that is, it is plugged into the power supply to transfer the power to your device.Port A is the only port that can be powered from the device.
Port B is one side of the USB cable that transmits the power to the device.This is a port of different sizes.When Port B is not the same as the device you need to supply power, the problem usually occurs.Although new innovations are always on the road, the B ports below are well known and they vary depending on the power and amount of data that can be transmitted.
The function of the mini USB cable is limited and is usually used to charge the camera and some portable game systems, etc.Micro USB cables are becoming more and more common for powering small items like mobile phones.On the Go: on the go, the USB cable is the only USB connector with only one port, but can be used to send and receive data.
For example, the On the Go (OTG) cable may allow you to download data from your computer, but you can also transfer the data to your phone using the same cable.The numbers on the USB cable can provide information on how much data and power the cable can generate.They range from 1.0 to 3.With a minimum number of 0, provides a minimum number of power and data functions.
The best thing about these cables is being able to adapt from port to port.Instead of buying a brand new cable to power the device, you can simply install an adapter to manage the power supply and data accurately.You don\'t have to worry about the power surge because the adapter can manage the power properly.
If you want to make the most of your USB cable and don\'t want to buy a variety of cables, you \'d better buy only 3.0 USB cable with adapter for the device you are using.USB 3.0 cables allow maximum power and data transmission without buffering problems.
From USB 3.
0 can get the maximum power from the device, but only send the power required by the adapter or device, there will be no problem with surge or data failure
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