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Ways to Effectively Protect Your Cable Harness Assembly

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-13
There is need to seriously consider the issue of protection during cable harness assembly. Saying this is essential because it isn't enough to just bind components of cable harness with wires without properly shielding them from fire, abrasion, impact damage, vibration, moisture, chemical vapors and some other micro-corrosives. These are some of the very effective protections for the cable harness assembly. It is advisable that you read through it and pick the method that is most appropriate for your assembly needs. Conduit cable harness assembly This is a way of providing very flexible but tough protection and insulation to conductors that are enclosed. Conduit is mostly used to protect wires that pass through open places. It usually comes in metal or plastic materials but the choice depends on the level of protection that is required. It is important t note that apart from the general cable harness assembly protection, conduit can sometimes be used in some peculiar places. It is always best to install conduit with proper sealing fittings. Doing this will ensure that it protects the assembly from the flow of vapors; flammable gases etc; thereby provide shield from explosion and fire hazards. Over-taping is another cable harness protection that is used for low-risk applications. It is generally considered more economical to use the over-taping to protect against impact damage, vibration, and low level abrasion. Using colored tapes to indicate the level of voltage and the phase of the wire are the over-taping cable harness techniques used to indicate the purpose of the wire etc. Another cable harness protection that is quite versatile if the heat shrink. This can provide the needed cable protection from moisture ingress, vibration etc and also provide mechanical protection, insulation, sleeving and could be used for cable identification purposes. With huge colors, textures, and materials to choose from, it is suitable for wide varieties of applications and different environments. Cable braiding is another assembly protections that is usually used for jacketing, especially in environments where there are no space for conduit wiring. If you desire flexibility of the cable even in laces where there isn't space such as under-carpet of motor vehicles, cable braiding is the most appropriate option. One of the most complete cable harness assembly protection is the over-moulding. This is mostly used at connector-joints and is widely used for protection of fragile components. It is also not uncommon to realize that this unique cable harness assembly protection is used in making assemblies tamper proof.
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