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ways to conserve battery power for your ipad

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-19
Just bought your new iPad and wondering why the battery is running so fast?
Usually, it takes about 10 hours for the iPad to charge at a time.
Of course, playing a video or any related mass use can run out of battery faster than reading an ebook, so depending on how you use your iPad, your actual battery life may vary.
However, there are many ways to minimize power consumption, thus extending the daily life of the battery.
Like all batteries, your iPad battery will eventually run out, but by then you may have a new iPad model.
Let\'s see how to save the iPad battery.
Charge the iPad
There are two ways to charge the iPad.
If you would like to use the iPad while charging, plug its USB cable and adapter into the power outlet.
This is also the fastest way to charge the iPad.
On the other hand, you can also plug your iPad into the USB socket of your computer to charge.
Some computers are high-
The powered USB socket allows you to use the iPad while charging.
But if you plug the iPad into the computer and try to use it, you may see a \"no charge\" notification near the battery indicator.
This indicates that the USB socket for your computer is not high-
You can\'t use it while the iPad is charging. Turning Off Wi-Fi and 3G -
If you are a heavy internet user, maybe you should leave your Wi-
Fi will open all the time.
If the iPad uses a cell phone network, this will require more energy and drain the iPad\'s battery faster, the standard configuration for each iPad.
Close push account-
One of the unique features of the IPad is the push service.
If you have a supported push account e-
Mail accounts such as Yahoo.
Com, your email server can automatically send new messages to the iPad, so you don\'t need to check the email manually.
Of course, doing so also means that your iPad will consume more batteries.
Therefore, according to the rule of thumb, close the push account of the iPad.
Closed location service-
Another fancy feature of the iPad used by some iPad apps, such as map apps, depends on the global positioning system (GPS)
And triangle the mobile tower to determine the physical location of the iPad.
If the iPad app knows your actual location in the world, it can help you find any nearest restaurants, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, etc.
Unfortunately, the location service ran out of battery energy.
If you don\'t need this type of service, you can turn it off to reduce power consumption.
Turn Bluetooth off-
Bluetooth is primarily used to wirelessly connect an iPad to a headset or keyboard.
Without using Bluetooth devices such as an external keyboard, turning Bluetooth off can save power and extend the battery life of the iPad.
In addition to all of the above tips, you may need to consider these additional energy-saving ideas. 1.
The easiest way to save battery power is to turn it off every time if you don\'t use the iPad. 2.
Even if the iPad\'s battery lasts about 10 hours, you can invest in the battery pack at any time. 3.
Invest in solar panels that can be used to charge the iPad.
All in all, if you combine these two energy-saving technologies with additional power supplies (such as battery packs or solar panels), you should be able to enjoy the iPad without the problem of insufficient battery power.
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