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Watch And Download Computer Video on iPhone iPad Via Wifi

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-14
Connect iPhone iPad to a computer must use the supplied USB cable, then the computer recognizes the iPhone as a USB drive allowing you to copy your computer videos to iPhone iPad. Besides, you need to sync iPhone iPad through iTunes to watch computer video on iPhone iPad - whether they've been purchased, converted, or ripped from DVD. But if you have a WiFi network available, it will be less hassle when watching your videos on iPhone iPad from Windows or OS X. There is an application available for both Windows and Mac in the App Store that provides a method of accessing your computer over WiFi. The application is called Air Playit, and it's free of charge. Air Playit is able to convert videos on the fly and stream videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch over local network, even internet. You can watch any video immediately without doing any tedious and lengthy conversion of these files before hand. Moreover, it acts as a remote video converter software. With the built-in offline task manager, you can add and manage video conversion tasks on your iPhone iPad, and download the videos to your devices via WiFi. For more information about Air Playit, please visit: How to Watch and Download Computer Video on iPhone iPad via WiFi Step one: Firstly, download & install Air Playit server to PC or Mac, and Air Playit client on iPhone/iPad. Run the Air Playit server. Make sure the server is in Start condition. You can add your video by clicking 'Add Folder' so that you can stream the video to your iPhone iPad via Air Playit server. Step Two: Run the Air Playit App that has been installed on your iPhone iPad. Connect with WiFi, it can automatically search your server by Bonjour Service. If the App can't find the server, you can add the server IP address manually. (Get the IP on the main interface Air Playit server). Step Three: Browse the folders under the server, click 'Play' to watch video on iPhone iPad without format conversion. If you want to speed up the video playback, just click 'Offline Conversion'. The converted video can be downloaded to portable devices for you to watch without the need of network connection. For more resource, please visit:
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